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    Tuning drum differently for live situation?

    Hey Fellas, I feel that I have been playing drums for far to long to ask this question, but it has been bugging me, and I haven't seen anyone else bring this up ever. So, I thought I would ask. *I'm not asking for tuning tips A while back, my band got paired up to open for this Legit Van...
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    Breaking Sticks-Suggestions?

    Hi Everyone, I have a bit of a problem with breaking drum sticks, a very expensive habit unfortunately. Vic Firth wont return my request for sponsorship and "crap-ton" of sticks. I have been playing for 10+ years, been through drumlines, drum teachers, jazz bands, rock bands, percussion...
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    td-6 problems HALP!

    hello, today at random the sound coming from the td- 6 starting skipping and sounding like static. I thought at first it was maybe my speakers, but i tried my headphones and the same thing happened. Its not just one trigger, its all of them. Lets just say i play a quick descending 16th note...
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    Im starting to teach need help!

    Hi, I just started giving drum lessons to a friend of mine. I havnt a clue how to structure it. I dont just want to sit him down and show him how to play a nirvanna album. Ive showed him the basics of reading music. Note values, he can read quarter, eigth, half rests, quarter rests etc. Nothing...