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    Your "go to" snare

    Tama 13x5-1/2 with nickle plated die cast hoops.
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    OT Is it me or...

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that the days are getting longer?
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I hadn't intended on buying this. My wife saw it advertised somewhere and, considering the sizes, I thought about buying it for my 9 year old grandson. After closer inspection, I think I'll give it a trian run at a gig or two just to see how it is. The grandson may have to wait for a while.
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    Facebook Find

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    Facebook Find

    Better pictures.
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    Facebook Find

    My wife saw this on facebook and thought it was a toy drum kit as it was a small sized (12-13-14-18 and a 13 snare). She thought it would be good for our 9 year old grandson. Turns out it is a Ludwig Accent CS Combo with Zildjain ZBT cymbals and Ludwig double braced hardware. It is in...
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    What got you started playing drums?

    I've not posted this story here but I have in other places. When I was in Jr. high school (yes I know, dinosaurs had just become extinct), My incoming band director, Mr. Wixom, wanted to start a stage band. I had never heard of a stage band. Our school didn't have a drum set so he decided...
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    Playing Come Together by The Beatles

    I figured how to post this. Duh, Old dog, new tricks
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    Ludwig Ghost

    Oops, wrong photo.
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    Ludwig Ghost

    Beater is not original. Don't know what the spring is. I have 5 including one I bought in 1973. Biggest downfall is that it is hard to attach to BD but I solved that problem by making a metal plate for it to sit on.
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    Be still, my pretty....

    ...soon you will be mine. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
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    Opinions on small floor toms

    Small didn't seem to hurt these any.
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    Ignacio Berroa

    Forgot the picture!
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    Ignacio Berroa

    I just attended a cllinic given by Ignacio Berroa. Quite a "tasty" drummer. The clinic was very informative and educational. He is quite a personable guy, too. Oh, and I bought a new 21" Sabian Raw Bell ride. Sweet.
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    Where are you?

    Be proud of where you are. I get tired of trying to figure out from where people are posting. Post your location in your personal information. It sheds some light on your perspective in your posts. I am from Norman, Oklahoma, cultural center of the universe!