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    What do you gig with???

    I am fairly new here. Hope this is the right place to post this. I was just curious as to what people take out on any given night. I know alot depends on the size of the venie or what style you play and even those who cant seem to downsize their lit. Any thoughts and or pics would be...
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    New kit

    What in your opinion is a good intermediate kit? Just looking for a shell pack for use playng out. I have an old Luddy kit that has seen better days and also I am just in awe of some of the new configurations and finishes. Fire away......
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    Drum sizes

    Why is it most companies sell kits with tom sizes, 10, 12 14 16. Is this the common sizes most people need for playing out? I know 13 use to be in there and the occasional 18 but Im seeing eve 8 inch toms now comming standard/ What are the gigging drummers using? I have been out of it for...
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    Hardware thoughts

    I was messing around thinking after seeing alot of cool recovers on kits and hardware on the site. I see people changing the rims and lug colors by paint or powdercoating, has anyone ever thought of using the plastic coating they use for tool grips? I have been looning and they say its...