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    Can I play Metal now?

    I actually thought Sabian completely discontinued the AA Metal-X/Metal line! I really think they nailed it with the rides, hats and chinas for that line. I guess a complete overhaul of the AA line (like they did with AAX and HHX) is coming, so I'd imagine these are on the chopping block too...
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    Sabian AAX Stage hats vs AAX Medium hats

    I feel like the Medium Hats are a touch darker and fuller-bodied, while the Stage Hats are louder, brighter and crisper. I like 'em both!
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    What piece of gear didn't live up to expectation.

    Agreed. Only in one situation did it actually seem to make any positive difference in sound. One old band I played with swore it made it cut better whilst jamming in a super-cacophonous room. Put a mic in front of it? The Kickport made either no difference, or messed with how the air escaped and...
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    Sabian XS cymbals

    I never said XSRs sounded as good as AAX or HHX Evos, but they do take some of the design philosophies, as far as the cymbal profile, weights and resulting response from those two factors go. Obviously, without all the extra cold work that goes into make AAX or HHX Evolutions cost more in labor...
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    *New* Evans dB One low volume heads and cymbals

    I really like how these mesh heads sound in comparison to what's already out on the market, especially the snare head. I'm just hoping that D'Addario gets the bigger music stores (Guitar Center, Sam Ash, etc.) to slap these on some cheap demo kits on the store floor so we can find out how they feel.
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    Sabian XS cymbals

    I agree. The old XS20s were definitely more AA-like, and the newer XSR redesign takes much more (per Sabian) from the AAX and HHX Evolutions. It's true though, they really do have a more AAX-like response.
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    Sabian XS cymbals

    One thing I will note about the XS20s and the XSRs is that they can at times lack projection. In a lot of situations, that won't make much of a difference, even in a loud rock band. I've got an XS20 18" Chinese that is quite nice, but seems lacking some nuance compared to both an AAX 18" and a...
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    Stick Companies.......The Big 4 (3) and..................

    News to me. Every other drummer I know personally who've tried Ahead sticks just couldn't get used to the feel of them. Also, the deforestation concerns are a lot less of an issue with companies like D'Addario/Promark, who've now planted more trees than the company has ever used to make its...
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    It's true what they say about New Beats.

    I'll second the AA Regular (now re-named AA Medium) Hats. I like my pair more than all the New Beats I've ever played. They're literally the same profile, but mine just have a very slightly darker sound than all the New Beats I've owned and played on others' kits.
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    Tama 1st Chair transport bag?

    I have the official Tama bag for the Tama First Chair thrones, and I'm fairly certain you could fit the backrest into it.
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    Who's your favorite drummer?

    I did the same and all I could find were videos of Arejay Hale... the OP is not him.
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    AAX Dark Crash paired with AAX Xplosion Crash?

    I have an 18" AAX Dark as well as an 18" AAX-Plosion, and they work incredibly well together. I'd go for it.
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    What is this?

    Looks like whomever won the bid is going to be pretty disappointed when it arrives.
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    Sabian’s New Era

    Makes me wonder if that didn't also spur Vinnie's move to Paiste, despite the fact that Tre had historically always played Zildjian as well. To be honest, when Lennie DiMuzio left Zildjian for Sabian in the early/mid 00s, suddenly a group of their bigger longtime artists jumped ship for either...
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    Sabian’s New Era

    Fair point to an extent. Coinciding with the marketing and logo change, they also went about discontinuing my favorite crash model (amongst many others), which were the AAX Dark Crashes. I know their reasoning was to sort of consolidate the AAX and HHX series' models down to...