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    Drum bag recommendations?

    I love those cases, highly recommended them
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    Vic's drum shop Chicago-permanently closed?

    Vic learned the biz from working at The Drum Pad in Palatine IL. That was a mom and pop drum shop. The owner Jim closed the shop and retired. Not due to business, it was time to retire. I took lessons from Jim back in the early 80’s and he opened his first drum store in a room rented behind a...
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    For those who play at church or not.

    I came across this article, I don't know if I read this wrong or what. As drummers I'm insulted by this article. Churches have the most unrealistic expectations for sound quality. Just put in the CD and hit play.
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    Drunk Super Fan

    How many of you drummers out there had the honer of having a drunk fan. It cracks me up, you know you've arrived when you get a drunk fan. I have had many over the years. Share some funny stories.
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    Nice Article

    This is a great article on how crappy musicians get treated.
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    Well, This Sucks

    I was at work and was helping move a heavy piece of equipment. I lost my balance and pulled my left arm. I played a gig over the weekend and had very sharp bicep pain all night long. I took a couple of days off, and had no more pain. I practiced tonight, bicep pain came right back. Off to the...
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    Sound check

    I recorded my drums with a zoom q3 recorder, but did some EQ with my recording software. The drumming is rubbish, But the drums sound very bright and clear. Opinions Please
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    I have been playing drums 30 + years, I was practicing last night and I could not play my bass drum. My foot would not work, it was like my muscles were tensing up out of control. I always stretch my arms and legs before playing, it makes me relaxed and loose before warming up. I played today...
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    I have a set of recording custom drums(9000 series) I am thinking of selling. They are from the mid 80s. They are jade green and all together I have 2, 22 x18 kicks, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, toms. They are standard sizes. I have some pics. I am curious if they are rare and can fetch some good...
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    Time to buy my Monkey Suit

    I landed a wedding band gig that will get me an extra 30k a year. Along with my other band I am so close to playing drums for a living. On second thought if I keep my day job I will finally be able to not worry about money. Its funny, you work so hard to get to a point were you can do what you...
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    Drum Software

    I was given a Roland SPD6 pad. Its discontinued, Is there any software I can use via Midi to trigger sounds thru the Roland. The roland only has Midi out, I am also using a macbook. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
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    I have no clue how this happened. I have an audition with a Rush tribute band called Animation. The cool thing is they also play classic rock to current stuff as well. This band plays some pretty big shows, looks like it can be a lot of fun, I have a question for you drummers. Would you learn...
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    Here is a mp3 of a tune I did with a band I sat in with last weekend.
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    This rant goes out to all of you Drummers that gig on a regular basis. I am in a band right now that gigs every weekend I get payed well and its like a part time job I love it. We get great gigsThe boss/ leader. He picks the songs gets the gigs provides rehersal space , even a roland T.D 12 kit...
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    Another one from the same show