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    Tone/pitch device?

    I understand the desire to learn to tune by ear but unless you're a prodigy you will get substantially better results using a device like a Tune-Bot. Better still, you'll learn how to tune by ear by proxy. It's a win-win situation.
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    Yamaha Stage Custom

    Lots to like about Stage Customs. I had one of those modern birch kits for a little over a year and still have my 2nd generation kit. I think the toms would benefit from an extra inch of depth and the unfinished bass drum hoops are a bit disappointing but those are minor quibbles. I paid $725...
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    Purchase decision. Interested in your perspective.

    I agree with the "buy the snare first" sentiment. It's arguably the most important drum in your arsenal.
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    Snaredrum dilemma!

    The DW Collectors black nickel over brass is probably on par with the Black Beauty and some say, better built. Are they available in your area?
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    Guitar Center sale on Zildjian K Sweet and Custom Dark

    We seem to have similar taste in rides. My two favourites are my 24" 2002 and my 21" K Sweet.
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    Muffling a 20" x 16" bassdrum

    I employ the Simon Phillips method (rolled towels) inside my Gretsch 20x16 bass drum. Works great!
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    Compressing CDs - FLAC compression level 0 or MP3 320kbps

    Absolutely, but this a matter of definition, not generalization. The term 'audiophile' isn't a slur.
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    Compressing CDs - FLAC compression level 0 or MP3 320kbps

    I think the widely held view is that audiophiles are gearheads. There are music lovers who don't care one whit about equipment but the same cannot be said about audiophiles.
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    Bop kit - Yammy vs PDP

    Educated guess... the PDP. The Stage Custom Birch I used to own didn't do low tuning particularly well.
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    Bop kit - Yammy vs PDP

    There's no shortage of good stuff out there. Best of luck with the new acquisition.
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    Bop kit - Yammy vs PDP

    Can your budget accommodate a DW Design Frequent Flyer?
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    Poll: Cymbal Logos

    It's all or nothing for me. I like nice solid logos but if they're substantially faded I'll use acetone to finish the job and put them out of their misery. Those cymbals then become practice-only instruments. I would never gig with them.
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    Compressing CDs - FLAC compression level 0 or MP3 320kbps

    I used to use 320 VBR or similar when I ripped CDs (it has been years) and the results were superb. I think that VBR is the ticket.
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    Agreed. Most of my equipment budget goes towards cymbals, too. I think having one good steel, one brass, one aluminum and one good wood snare covers pretty much all of your bases. I hope so because that's my strategy.
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    lol... no thanks! 😁 Led Zeppelin is one of the most popular rock bands of all time and the Ludwig Acrolite is one of the best selling snares of all time. These are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed.