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    Noob Question: How Long to Wait Before Upgrading Cymbals

    Nice! The PST7s are a whopping improvement over the Meinls. You could easily gig with them.
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    I’ve gone and done it. No more suspended floor toms!

    Looks great. Are those Gibraltar parts?
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    Purchased a DW Design Series kit recently

    Oh? Doesn't sound ideal. If I want to gig a 5-piece I'll just bring my Renowns in that case. Glad you told me.
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    Purchased a DW Design Series kit recently

    Awesome! Easy enough to reverse, obviously.
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    Purchased a DW Design Series kit recently

    It's a smokin' deal and hard to pass up. I had a black kit a couple of years ago and regret selling it. This fixes that and you can't go wrong with piano black. You've got Collectors so you're all set. I'll be sure to avoid that Facebook group, by the way!
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    Purchased a DW Design Series kit recently

    Perfect. I'll do it when I swap the heads. Apparently DW has a slide rail mount option as well. I'll have to check that out.
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    Purchased a DW Design Series kit recently

    At the risk of betraying my username (which is actually a nod to Yamaha's stereo equipment), I'm trading in my 2020 Stage Custom kit towards the DWs. My local dealer has a piano black set in stock, ready to go. I still have a 2nd generation Stage Custom in the house so I'm not exactly...
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    Purchased a DW Design Series kit recently

    Might be a silly question but can the tom suspension mounts be removed? I'll likely be playing these as a 1-up 1-down, mounting the rack tom in a snare basket.
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    Purchased a DW Design Series kit recently

    I'm grabbing one of these next week. I think piano black is classy as hell and I hear nothing but good things about the Design series. Thanks for the heads-up, Matt!
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    Member generosity

    Looks great! You can hit that Evans logo with a little acetone if you want to get rid of it.
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    Sudden taste change

    That brittle sound you describe might be the "plastic" quality I hear from Evans heads. They fit well but they don't flatter any drum kit I've tried them on. I've heard rumors about Remo's quality control issues but I've never encountered a bad Remo head in 40 years. Either I'm lucky or the...
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    Which ride should I get?

    Play the ride closer to the bell. Problem solved. I love the 21" K Sweet because it's quiet at the edge and grows louder towards the bell. The bell itself is great and the fact that the cymbal is crashable is icing on the cake. Best ride I've ever played.
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    Who needs toms? Only joking of course! But we can explore fills created from the elements that we’re already playing on without heading to the toms!

    Great lesson, Rob. I began dialing back tom fills a couple of years ago. Fills played between the snare/kick/hi-hat almost never sound wrong to me. Better still, I find it easier to stay in time when sticking to those three.
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    One clip I'm not embarrassed to share.

    That means a lot, coming from you, Andy. Thank you. You're a pro in every sense of the word. Thanks! They were good musicians, those three. It was a treat to work with them. This great feedback is helping to alleviate some of that so thank you all the more. The sound guys did a great job with...
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    Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

    I use a mix of just about everything mentioned in this thread: Pearl feet, RIMS, Yamaha YESS, Booty Shakers etc. So far, Gretsch's GTS mounts are the best I've used, followed by Yamaha's YESS - once you eliminate the causes of tom choking. The Pearl feet are the real deal and Booty Shakers...