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    The current Yamaha Stage Custom Steel 14x6.5 is a wicked good snare for the money. 10 lugs, too.
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    Bad Sounding Drums

    If you dislike the way your drums sound, buy a Tune-Bot and fix them.
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    Gretsch Renown vs USA Custom - worth the £1500+ difference

    My comment about 5 lugs was intended for 'Snarebleed'. I quoted his/her post to be clear about that. No offense taken. The important thing is that you're happy with the sound you're getting now. (y)
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    Gretsch Renown vs USA Custom - worth the £1500+ difference

    The OP's observation might be more of a slur than anything. I don't see how it adds value or clarity to the comment. Mine said Taiwan as well - R.O.C. I believe. I don't care for stickers on anything so I took them off. Simple.
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    Subwoofer Question

    Worth noting that you're replying to an 18 month old post made by a user who posted once then disappeared from sight. I always check the date when resurrecting old threads. My two cents...
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    Gretsch Renown vs USA Custom - worth the £1500+ difference

    I think the majority of owners and industry people would disagree with you. The Renowns are notoriously well made and universally praised. Most drummers I have met don't tune anywhere near as well as they think they do. Many of them are dreadful at it, to be frank. I have a hard time taking...
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    Gretsch Renown vs USA Custom - worth the £1500+ difference

    I think the 5 lug design might be throwing you off. Each lug has a greater effect on tuning than it does on a 6 lug drum and the way they interact is exaggerated as well. I use a Tune-Bot and it makes this phenomenon plainly obvious. Additionally, if this is your first really good drum kit you...
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    A Get Back

    Better wood, better hardware and greater attention to detail, essentially.
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    Mapex Armory tuning problem

    Do yourself a huge favour and get a Tune-Bot. They're about a hundred bucks and will transform your kit into a professional sounding rig.
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    Your best 5 Paiste Cymbals

    My best - and only - Paiste cymbals are all 2002s. I bought them for outdoor shows and for the times I wanted clear, bright cymbals. The 15" Sound Edge hi-hats are superb, as is the 24" 2002 ride cymbal. The 18" and 20" crashes are winners too.
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    You could probably build a Yamaha Stage Custom Birch kit with a 24" kick, 14" rack tom and 16 and 18 inch floor toms for under $1000 Canadian. Possibly much less. I got a brand new 22-16-12-10 kit with snare for $725 CDN and added the 14" floor tom, 8" rack tom and 13" rack toms later. I think I...
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    I'm guessing that they went for about $1999 CDN, new. Just a wild guess. EDIT: the review says 769 UK which is $1300 CDN today. Hmmm...
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    This one is white. Sounds interesting!
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    Are you looking at the kit located in Ottawa? The seller wants $1200 now...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Incredible kit. The 14" deep kick drum is a bonus and something many of us would love to have.