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    Your Paiste Cymbal Rig

    Funny... I've been doing the same thing lately, playing 2002s with a one inch difference instead of the more customary two inches. I'm currently using a 19" and 20" 2002 crash along with the 24" ride and 15" SE hi-hats. The 19" is possibly my favourite 2002 crash.
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    Do you change your dynamics or intensity when playing mic'd vs. unmic'd?

    Lots of thoughtful responses so far so thanks for that. The room definitely matters and I do try to plan for that, more with cymbal selection than drum sets. On that note, I got away from a game plan I had originally laid out and that was to use 2002s for the vast majority of gigs. Instead...
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    Do you change your dynamics or intensity when playing mic'd vs. unmic'd?

    Son of a gun - you're right. They're Promark. I'll update my original post. Thanks!
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    Do you change your dynamics or intensity when playing mic'd vs. unmic'd?

    The reason I ask: I notice that I don't hit hard enough or with sufficient authority when playing unmic'd, especially when it comes to cymbal work. I think part of it stems from not wanting to deafen those around me. Conversely, my dynamics sound just fine when playing a fully mic'd kit at...
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    K EFX Cracked, what next?

    I have an A Custom 16" EFX and a K 18" EFX and they are very different sounding cymbals. The K EFX is larger so that's a big part of it, naturally. I like effects cymbals for the occasional accent. I use them sparingly. I have no advice for the OP other than the buy a new cymbal or maybe drill...
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    Prices are nuts these days

    The madness has trickled down to the used market too. I see tons of ads where sellers state "compare to..." quoting current new prices in order to justify charging close to 100% of last year's 'new' prices but for used equipment. Either that or they ask wildly inflated prices for gear that sold...
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    Where did it go?

    I noticed the disappearance too. Funny, threads that discuss relationships between bandmates and club owners can go on for days but threads that focus on men and women get shut down quickly, even if they're not particularly contentious. I get it though. This isn't really the place for that. In...
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    How many still use large speakers for practice ?

    I use 'em. :) You can just make them out in the corners... vintage Pioneer HPM-100s driven by a big Yamaha receiver. The room is treated to reduce reflections.
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    What's your favorite song(s) to play?

    My Sharona by the Knack followed closely by the Tragically Hip's Three Pistols.
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    New drummer - Bought new set with a bent hoop

    Congrats on the new set! I played a friend's Roadshow once and liked it. If they're offering to exchange the drum kit, you might as well take them up on it while you still can. The warped hoop will probably always bother you and will likely affect resale value if/when you decide to upgrade down...
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    I knew it was gonna be a bad gig when...

    I love southern accents. :giggle: I spent a week in Roanoke, Virgina several years ago and visited a local hospital where my buddy's mom worked. I melted when those pretty nurses opened their mouths and began to speak. It's one thing to hear an accent on TV or in a movie and an entirely...
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    What is your favourite Major and boutique drum Company

    I want to put Craviotto on my list but $7,999 CDN for a 3-piece 20/12/14 set? I don't care how well they're made. I would feel ripped off paying that amount for a 3-piece kit, especially when a comparable Gretsch USA Custom can be had for about 50% of the cost of the Craviotto. I'm not cheap...
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    Have my tastes changed, am I getting old, or is food getting worse?

    Hmmm... not much qualitative change here in Canada that I've noticed but shrinkflation is in overdrive this year. Sometimes retailers will mix the old and new container sizes together and you can really see the difference. Honestly, I would rather they charge us more than give us less. Just be...
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    Single-ply coated vs. double-ply clear on batters question...

    I've had good luck tuning coated single ply heads lower (than clear double ply heads) and then using muffling to reduce overtones and enhance the fundamental pitch of the drum. Kind of a best of both worlds approach.
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    Upgrading pieces of a Yamaha eDrum set

    I'm aware of those things but the OP asked: "what changes/upgrades are most important for development of proper technique, added fun/inspiration, and realism?" The addition of an acoustic kit to the mix would definitely meet those needs, especially the need for realism. Electronic drums are...