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    No new info

    Noticed these a few months back have not seen any new info since very interesting IMO the drums that is.
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    Yamaha Maple Custom Owners

    If anyone who owns a Yamaha Maple Custom kit (Absolute or not) would be able to measure the spacing between the lug mounting holes from front to back I could use that measurement. Im putting together a players kit with RC toms and MC Bass Drum. I would like to replace the lugs to match the RC...
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    Snare upgrade

    Been playing on a Pd8 for years now just ordered this. I'm sure I will like it only this I worry about is how light it is and weather it will move around when I play it since its not on a fixed stand.
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    Wood Hoops/Rims

    Thinking you getting some wood hoops but I have no idea other then looks what it will do. I figure it will have some effect on the tone warmer? The price is not cheap either I would rather go Yamaha over anything but if there's something half the price I might think about it.
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    Zildjian Gen16 DCP and Pickups

    1 DCP 2 Pickups New in Box. Got a box set with cymbals for low volume practice not into them run through the DCP selling cheap. Not even 1 month old.
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    Yamaha Tour Custom

    Price drop Seems like a pretty good deal to me
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    New Toy

    Always been a huge Bordin fan this is the drum I always said I would have one day and today was that day.