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    When's the right time to play with other musicians?

    I get a faint pang of dread before every song I jam along too - the second it starts I'm in a state of bliss as good as good as almost anything I've ever done. So man up and do it 😜 Edit: You already have? See, told you!
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    Amazon die cast ripoff drum hoop warning

    Swarms of ultra cheap Chinese pressed steel bass drum claws on flea-bay labelled as 'die-cast.
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    British Drum Company needs to stop doing this...

    Might be nice if these guys could rescue the Premier name from its present obscurity and give it back its quality by renaming their company. (like the way The Triumph motorcycle co. was reborn via a new business) They could then drop that sterile 'b' logo and ugly badging.
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    Cymbal blending

    Wuhan? No wonder they're catching on ...
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    There are power toms, and then there are POWER TOMS!

    That Prem is pretty with the blonde wood. And world's best looking lugs too, of course.
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    Rhumbagirl's Grooves

    What he said 👍
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    Rhumbagirl's Grooves

    I bloody love your notation system. Even a thicky like me can follow it.
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    Is a Suzuki violin faster or slower than a Yamaha violin?
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    tell me some good drum beats

    Groovy! 😁
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    May the 4th...

    Tooth hurtee is called Chinese Dentist here.
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    After a long search...

    Wooh! ❤
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    May the 4th...

    Dentist time is 2.30 😉
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    Yeah, it's compelling stuff 👍 (Shame about the corny vid, imo)
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    May the 4th...

    What happened? Looks like he just got back from Yemen.
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    May the 4th...

    'Thou' (sandths of an inch) is common in engineering. In the UK we use whatever suits: humans - feet and inches for height and 'stones' for weight (not pounds). I think in imperial and convert to metric if necessary.