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    Playing in a band VS Playing alone

    Hi everyone... Just got back from an audition with a new band... and i have to say, it went really bad, just awful.. i've been practicing the songs for almost two weeks now, i knew them, and played them perfect when i was at home, but when i started playing with the band, i was so nervous i...
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    Terrible Wrist problems.

    Hello drummers, I've been having this wrist problem for over a year now, after playing (matched grip) for about 15 minutes, I start having a lot of pain in the upper side of my left hand's wrist, which forces me to stop playing. I did a rent-gen shot, an ultrasound, and bone-mapping, and all...
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    Help! Really need some advice.

    Hello everyone. I have a big problem and i need your advice. Ive been playing with a band for about 3 weeks now... i practice each song every day with an mp3 player until i get it right, and i feel pretty good with it by now... But when i come to a rehearsal with the band, I play bad, I mess up...