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    Back yard drum room

    wouldn't you need some kind of HVAC in something like that? I could not imagine a space like that being usable where I live w/o that kind of air ventilation...
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    Olympics Anyone?

    not a summer Olympics guy...but I am all over the Winter Olympics when they happen. my dad was big into track, so as a kid, we would watch all of the traditional track stuff, but even that really did not hold my interest forr too long.
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    Female drummers

    I'm hooked!!! That snare sound in the first vid is so dreamy!!!
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    Female drummers

    I am sure someone would be offended by that
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    that is cool to know
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    Haze from Western Wildfires

    I have been able to smell it here in Central Ohio. Strong. Like what it smells like here in the fall when people are doing fire pits and running chimneys. We have had grey sunsets with a blood red sun for a week now. Crazy, and so sad. Especially that they seem to be caused more and more by...
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    Do most drummers hate metal ? as much as normal popheads? ( extreme metal)

    we seem to be seeing a lot of that in the past 15 years...
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    Female drummers

    ok...a little explanation for the younger than 45 crowd: when all of us older than 45 were growing up, it was very rare to see a good female drummer...because we lived in a culture where girls were actively discouraged to play drums. I remember being in band in the 80's, and hearing both male...
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    Do most drummers hate metal ? as much as normal popheads? ( extreme metal)

    so I guess for me, the argument might not come down to pop having any ki I guess I feel that the modern, non-invovled audience claps for anything that gives them a momentary burst of "feeling good". Volume, speed, flash, visual excitement are instantly noticeable and cause a great reaction...
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    Once a teacher, always a teacher

    I absolutely get where both the writer and the drum teacher are coming from awesome!!!
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    A drumshop no longer....

    I am very lucky to still have Columbus Pro Percussion. They have stood the test of time since 1980. My home away from home. Every piece of drum gear I own is from them. All of our gear at school is from them. They give my beginning/younger students a deal on their new equipment. If they don't...
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    From The Duke

    my dads advice was more succinct..."Shut up and Listen" saved my ass as a kid many times; made me a way better adult
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    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    just a quick pic from prax tonight for the show this weekend. Jazz band prax. Mostly brushes, and some hot rod stuff my new Pork Pie super comfy stool in action!! 3 hours of no back, or butt pain
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    Do most drummers hate metal ? as much as normal popheads? ( extreme metal)

    you are allowed to have opinions, and if you don't like something - as long as it is justified, you can say it I don't know who you are talking about above, but I feel like the standard for quality has definitely dropped - been diluted. Part of that is b/c I am old. Part is b/c I am a band...
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    Poll: Cymbal Logos

    yeah, I don't mind natural fading, but avoid deliberate removal