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    Funny Drummer Chart

    Just something i cam up with.
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    Chris Adler China?

    In the Modern drum festival of 2005? what was the china he's using?
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    How does one acually practice drumming?

    I've been drumming for 2 years. I don't really understand the concept of practice? on top of all that? how can i build up my speed, control, coordination, and keep up with my drumming vocabulary as well as coming up with new stuff? typically, how does one practice to improve ones skills on the...
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    Drum solo

    Hey im competeing in a talent show in like amonth and i need to know where i can find some good drum solo transcriptions of other famous drummers?? i tried writing my own solo. but it failed.... miserbaly..
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    Brand New Tama rockstar? for 2010?

    I saw on Musicians friend, a 8 piece tama rockstar kit and it said it was a birch/basswood kit? new lugs on it. and new hoops. and new finishes? i checked tama's site, but nothing about it there? here check it out yourself, tell me what you think...
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    pdp x7 or pdp CX?

    which one was/ or is better quality?
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    Where Can You Order Ddrum USA custom kits?

    How and Where do you Order Ddrum USA custom kits? and how exactly does it work? is it like the pearl masterworks? etc? because I dont see them on the site
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    Help choosing the right kit?

    I play thrasher heavy metal? here are my choices for a Brand new kit, and im a intermediate drummer. Pearl vision VX ddrum diablo death punx
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    Mapex Meridian Birch vs Meridian Maple?

    Hi, can u please tell me which whould be a better kit for me? heres what i like in a kit? -loud -cutting edge -ALOT of attack -ALOT of projection -VERY little to NO resonance. -a slayer sound? Maple or Birch?
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    Tama superstar *review this kit*

    Im planning on buying a tama superstar 100% birch kit.. sizes- (2) 22x18 bass drums 8x7 tom 10x8 tom 12x9 tom 13x10 tom 14x11 tom 14x14 floor tom 16x16 floor tom 18x16 floor tom 5.5x14 Birch snare all for $2250? Is that a good deal? no hardware.. cymbals... JUST A SHELL PACK? its CUSTOM...
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    Good deal for this kit?????

    I found this kit on craigslist, please dont stalk me.... i play heavy metal.
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    Pearl vision vs Tama superstar

    Title says it all. for heavy metal btw.
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    double bass practice excersises?

    i need some extremly good excersise! i LOST speed since i got my pedals!!!!!
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    Intermediate heavy metal kits?

    whats a good kit to get my price range is 1500-2500 for a kit... birch or maple. mapex.. tama... pearl... dw (impossible)... ddrum... etc..
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    are the pearl masters premium discontinued?

    title say it all.... im looking into buying one?