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    How can I get my singer to follow a set list?

    Very early in this thread, the first post is where it started, everything I could have said got said. Just a thought but is there a mindset some people have that eschewing professionalism in their standards somehow makes them "better" than bands that "toe the line"? Interestinglythere's been...
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    Choose between 8 inch Tom or 14 floor

    I prefer 3 mounted toms and one floor to 2 mounted and 2 floor. But given this choice I'd definitely go with the 14" floor. Perhaps look at getting a Roto Tom or two later on down the line if you're after that ultimate top end in your fills.
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    Gear red flag.

    Transporting themselves, it sounds so unimportant but is actually important as a differentiator. Anyone who's been in a band for a length of time and has had to take up the slack for someone without their own means of transport realises this.
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    Is this Pearl maxwin drum set worth it?

    I don't think that's a Maxwin. If it was it wouldn't be worth $300 anyway. It looks like a Pearl or generic kit with Pearl style L arms and the Toms mounted upside down either through ignorance or because the L arms are the wrong type and not long enough. Either way I'd look to put $300 into...
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    My Mapex Drum Kit

    Here you go
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    My DW Design piano black kit

    Lovely. I'm a big fan of bass drum mounting tom toms because of the set up advantages in terms of time taken and consistency of positioning. Not only does the Gibraltar mount look exactly at home but I'm guessing you've been able to place the toms exactly where you want them, the fact that a tom...
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    Would you spend $200,000 on someone else's custom Ludwigs?

    The sort of person who can afford this sort of money on anything apart from a house will be so rich it'll be the equivalent of me buying a coffee. Pulling the positives from the article, it's already been on display a the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame for 5 years for people to see, the sale proceeds...
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    Pawn Stars Ludwig

    No apology required, someone posted the Ringo Kit in that thread as an example of a kit who's value is questionable due to it not actually being a "Ringo" kit. Just a coincidence seeing it twice in a short period of time.
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    Pawn Stars Ludwig

    Wasn't this exact link shared in the $200,000 Alex Van Halen kit thread and the point made that it's a Ringo style kit but not Ringo's kit?
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    Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

    I stopped Facebook a couple of years ago and don't miss it. in terms of contacting venues my Messenger is still active, in terms of publicising and finding gigs I leave that to the band members with Facebook. I used to use as my primary drum forum for many years. The format...
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    Peavy radial pro 1000

    I've just googled him. Blimey, I didn't expect that!! A very fitting advert in hindsight
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    Les Binks

    Sadly he's had to step back from that, he didn't record the album and will make only guest appearances when KK's Priest tours. Such a shame as I'd loved to have seen him.
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    Phil Collins kit required for purchase.

    I don't think that this XPK Special Edition ever got off the ground. If it did though it would have filled your needs exactly, Relatively inexpensive too.
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    Your Thoughts on throwing Sticks into the Audience?

    At my second ever gig I threw my sticks into the crowd. It was a 6th Form school concert performance and I threw them at mates who I had arranged it with earlier so they would give them back to me as I couldn't afford a new pair. Absolutely true story. And it looked cool.
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    New Kit Finally arrived

    I'd be inclined to order a double tom holder and stick with stands or stealth racks when used as a double bass drum set up.