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    Indentify old Premier snare

    It could be a Royal Ace but I'll quickly defer to anyone who has proper vintage Premier credentials. A bit collectable if it is albeit not super rare.
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    How crowded are you set up areas?

    Before I start ....I think I've got the same snare drum as you. Yes, as a pub gig drummer small spaces are an unavoidable bane of my life. What makes it worse are the two types of extra gear on "stage" that guitarists tend to set up without thinking. There's the unavoidable gear like guitar...
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    Creepy Circus Drum Set

    Just great. Now I can't get to sleep!
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    Do beginners really need pro drum kits???

    I don’t have the OPs experience but subjectively speaking I’d consider a smokin kit and cymbals to be in the over £5000 category , so Sonor SQ2, DW Collectors, Mapex Black Panther Design Lab, Paiste Signature and equivalents. Mapex Saturn, Gretsch Renown and equivalents are very very nice...
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    Upgrading Hi-Hat & Snare Stand

    I’m going to be very unhelpful regarding narrowing you down with specifics but hopefully helpful in terms of the big picture. My advice is don’t overthink it. There’s a load of choice out there, what do you want to spend? I’ll get off the fence and say that if you’re not a heavily gigging...
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    22 bass drum depth

    To address an earlier point, while I don’t think any manufacturer deliberately turns/turned a blind eye to a sub standard sounding product just because it looked fashionable, I do believe that being in fashion does help a product to sell and that change isn’t simply done for for change’s sake...
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    Gretsch Catalina Club Rock

    I had a Catalina Club 20” bass drum set up in White Marine Pearl. The shell hardware struck me as feeling a bit cheap, however it looked great (more expensive looking than it cost), is still the only kit that other drummers spoke to me about after the gig with praise for its sound, and after a...
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    Anyone have any Sakae News

    Exactly my thoughts. The average punter doesn’t have a clue about who and what Sakae were so a double pedal or a Cajon with their logo on is hardly a selling point. The more informed drummer knows that Sakae were Japanese craftsmen who built the Yamaha 9000. Any new kits will be Taiwanese mass...
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    Awful Gig Offers

    Kind of related. The other weekend a drunken person came to me after the gig, they hadn’t seen the gig because they arrived late to drink at a very late licence bar, and asked me what we played and could they book us for New Years Eve. I politely pointed out that really she would need to know...
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    What part of the Drum Set Could You Go Without?

    Ride cymbal. In my Glam Rock band I leave it at home after realising that none of the songs we played had a ride cymbal in them. I could probably ditch cymbals too as I deliberately avoid the "dum dum diddly dum crash" fill
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    best 12" wood snare?

    FWIW I recently had a Musashi which I played on a couple of gigs before trading it in. Admittedly I’m a bit of a rim shotter when I play but it was detuning way way unacceptably on gigs, I was literally having to tighten one or two of the tension rods on my side after every song. It being a six...
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    Awful Gig Offers

    Sparked by your comment about people organising a gig but not making a PA available. When a band has been going for a few years it’s like a well oiled machine. Ask us to turn up and we’ll put on a show, no problem. However, once other people get involved it invariably goes wrong. Because we’re...
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    The List of Most Fun to Play Drum Songs

    Living After Midnight by Judas Priest. Simple enough for beginners, and satisfying in its simplicity for everyone else. Overall just good solid songwriting which lets you play the beat and enjoy the ride.
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    Awful Gig Offers

    I’m gutted that I can’t contribute any more to this thread, it deserves more input than it’s getting. Thinking back generally, I’ve been lucky enough that I was thrown in from the start of my time on the pub covers scene with band members who knew what the local “going rate” was and that our...
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    Tuning to the room

    After 13 years of gigging in mainly pubs I’ve never felt the need to tune to the room. If I’m being close micd I put studio rings on the Toms and snare to help make the sound man’s job easier, un micd I might use a studio ring on the snare only or I might not. This doesn’t mean there aren’t...