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    Forum hacked

    On a serious note, is it good advice to suggest changing your password on OTHER sites if it's the same as the one you used here? If my account gets hacked here it's not the end of the world, but if the hackers trawl the internet with my email address and password and find that I used the same...
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    Forum hacked

    It was scary for a moment, I didn't know the answer to the password security reset question!!! Which band did John Bonham play in 😃
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    Generic action cam for gig recording advice needed

    I've got one that I bought from Gear Best. For what I paid, around £35 iirc, I've been more than happy with it.
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    Listen to your hearing

    Towards the end of last year I started to suffer from a low pitched hum every night, often accompanied by a high pitched buzz. I've had what I consider to be minor issues with fluid/infections in the past but after a couple of weeks I decided that I needed to seek help as it actually interfered...
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    British Drum Company on ITV4 Tonight

    They messed up the listings and it was the 9 o clock episode that featured them........but I want one too. And a Nico kit. And the one that looked like a 70s Premier Elite but with a veneer finish as opposed to the gold/red/gold wrap of the Premier.
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    British Drum Company on ITV4 Tonight

    A heads up for UK members that BDC are on a programme on ITV 4 tonight Thursday 1st April at 8pm. The programme is called Made In Britain, I've got no idea if it's any good or how long their segment is but I thought it worth mentioning.
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    Saturn Series help!

    It's a bit too blurry but I'm leaning towards Saturn III too. A fantastic iteration of the Saturn line. It's definitely no later than the III as the Saturn IV had the completely different and still used black "M" badges.
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    Amplifying acoustic drum set for first time, for outside 15 acre farm.

    My guess, and it's just a guess, is that the farm is 15 acres but the audience will be in front of the stage and occupy the tiniest fraction of that space The easiest solution has already been mentioned, hire a PA man/woman to do the sound. The whole band will need to go through the PA not just...
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    Does anybody endorse peace drums?

    I couldn't post the photo itself but hopefully this eBay listing will put to bed the Slim Jim Phantom situation.
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    Does anybody endorse peace drums?

    I've found a print advert on eBay that I've been unable to upload that dates from 2001
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    Does anybody endorse peace drums?

    The difference is that he WAS an endorser, just not for very long so Peace didn't do anything underhanded.
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    Does anybody endorse peace drums?

    Something I hadn't mentioned , Peace might well have contributed too, or perhaps even wholly built, kits with other manufacturers names on them.
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    Does anybody endorse peace drums?

    Peace's website used to be great with loads, possibly too much, on offer in terms of finishes. The last time I looked the website experience wasn't great. I think the now defunct Birmingham Drum Centre in the UK used to stock them, as is usual with me they had a an orange sparkle fade finish...
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    Mapex Orion’s...stay or go??

    I'm not sure but I'd avoid Brasso on the gold lugs for fear that you'll take the surface off them. I genuinely don't know either way but using a microfibre cloth and furniture polish might be a safer option.
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    Band logo

    I used, found a font, design and colour I liked and downloaded the result as .PNG files so there's no background when it got pasted over photos