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    Three or Four Hours

    I'm with Lefty2, that not a rehearsal, that's a lifestyle. I could handle something like the 7 hour food, friends, and activities plan once or twice a year, but that isn't a rehearsal, that's a party. The last band I was in rehearsed for 2/2.5 hours about once a week. There was also a pretty...
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    Should I buy this snare I want but don’t need?

    I just put a Fiberskyn Ambassador on my Black Beauty, and that's exactly how I'd describe it as well. It's a very cool sound for sure.
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    What stand do i have

    Huh. Well, that's not a bell stand, at least not one I've ever seen before.
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    What stand do i have

    Yeah, a picture would go a long way, but it does sound like a stand for orchestra bells. I use imgbb for photohosting but you can also attach small photos directly in the reply box.
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    Advice please! PDP concept series kit - should I buy or pass?

    Agreed. Before some Determined Woodworkers came on the scene and turned every single component of a drumset into an endless series of upgradable components drums were drums and wood was wood. Now every kit is just a collection of bullet points and potential buyers get to agonize over what...
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    Immediate upgrades/hacks for a 90's Pearl Export?

    Another vote for what's already been said; a thorough cleaning and new heads is probably all the kit needs. I had a set from that era and they're built like a tank. The exterior ply of wood is a fairly open grain, so removing the wrap can be tricky and lead to ripping chunks of wood out if...
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    Regal Tip Update July 2021 - trying again to get info

    The Vic Firth 5BX Doubleglaze is really, really close.
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    Best Bass Drum Pillow/Muffling Pad

    It depends a bit on how much muffling I'm looking for. If I'm just looking to take a little bit of "boing" out of the drum I use a piece of foam mattress pad. If I want to have the thump of an actual pillow I use a basic Ikea pillow. I'm really intrigued by the Sonitus muffler, but they don't...
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    Advice please! PDP concept series kit - should I buy or pass?

    I think the price is fair (and they're open to offers) and I don't think there are any fundamental differences between the maple X7 and the Concept Maple other than the name of the series. I think if you like that finish and you want those sizes you should go for it.
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    4 piece snare to mount tom ratio

    If I'm only using one tom it's going to be a 13". It isn't necessarily about the pitch relationship with the snare (honestly, I've never really thought about that before) but in my experience 10" toms just don't do much for me; their size means they move a lot less air and tuned high or low...
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    Should I buy this snare I want but don’t need?

    If you actually like any of the snares you currently have it's probably for the best of you don't add a bronze shell snare. Bronze tends to have a tone that makes any of the other shell materials seem a little less awesome in comparison.
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    Tunebot Studio

    I have the Tune Bot Studio...I like it a lot and I think it helps getting drums tuned quickly, though I also see where it supplements what my own ears are telling me as opposed to simply believing exactly what it is reading.
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    Gretsch WMP with green tint

    I don't know of anyone making greenish-faded WMP wraps, they all seem to go for varying shades of yellow. You could contact someone like Jammin' Sam or Precision Drum Co. with some pics of your drum and see what they recommend.
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    Yamaha Stage Custom

    That honey amber finish is really striking. Everything about the Stage Custom looks really classy and understated, and while there are a few details that betray their cost, I think they have it where it counts. Getting a good discount makes a nice kit even better. Congrats!
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    Purchase decision. Interested in your perspective.

    I also think you should get the snare now, and get a gigging kit when the gigs are closer to happening. Cheap player's grade kits are always out there, even if the specifics might change.