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    Best heads for Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage

    I prefer Aquarian heads so I'd put either Response 2's or Performance 2's on the toms. If I was going to use Remo it would be Vintage Emperors; those are fantastic heads. Bass drum would get a Super Kick no matter what brand I used on the toms. I'm a "Super Kick for life" kind of a guy now.
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    Public Service Annoucement . . .

    It's NOT "our" fault, though! Every person that comes in here asking "What pack should I get; MCS or Zildjian i" is always told they are junk they'll end up ditching sooner rather than later. It's all part of the circle of drumming life. It's just that prior to eBay and Craigslist the...
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    Does the New Ludwig p88 Throw Work With Vintage 1960s era Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drums?

    This may be a small thing for some, but the Deco style of the P-88 looks fantastic with the Imperial lugs.
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    Vintage Pearl MX1982 value/quality?

    Shortening a tom by 2" can be tricky; Considering Pearl's lug size you'll probably have a hard time hiding one of the holes after moving the lugs to their new position. I'd spend some time working with the toms as-is; you may find they really aren't THAT deep...
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    15" deep toms?

    I'd ask for a 16x15 and an 18x16 just so there would be some difference in depth between the two floor toms.
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    Smaller diameter tom deeper than the succeeding tom...

    I wouldn't discount the nagging feeling the tom depths are going to look weird next to one another. I've used a 10x9" next to a 13x9" and the matching depth didn't look too bad, but when I put that 10 next to a 12x8" it really seemed out of place visually in a way I couldn't get over.
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    Anyone going to drop 2k on the Armand 100 Cymbal?

    I don't really see this as any kind of a "players" purchase, because you're not really buying the cymbal. What you're buying is the connection to Armand and the story that goes along with it. I admit that the story is a little vague in some areas enough to make a jaded conclusion easy to...
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    Snare to complement my Acrolite

    I'd suggest planning at some point to get both the Black Beauty and Classic Maple. I'd get a wood drum now, but eventually you're going to want the Black Beauty. Its sound is quite different from aluminum and maple.
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    PDP Snare Drums

    I've owned several Pacific snares and I think the build quality is great. I wouldn't think twice about owning another one.
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    Snare Wires

    Almost all of my snare drums have Gibraltar 14-strand wires. They're cheap, well made, and sound great.
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    Remo Ambassador Head with Remo Emperor Head

    I've tried 2, 3, and 5-mil snare side heads and I only like the 3-mil ones. The 2-mil heads really weren't bad but the 5-mil made every snare I tried it on sound like a cardboard box.
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    Tama Starclassic Help!

    Beautiful finish, and beautiful drums! Back in the day the local shop had a set of a similar vintage in Honey Amber that I used to lust after. That era of Starclassic drums (birch or maple) were really great; they were well built, sounded great, and had really nice lacquer finishes. Not too...
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    Phil Rudd's Views on Click Tracks

    If the song has a steady tempo I like a click (or some kind of drum machine) to keep me honest. I also agree there's no one size fits all approach here, but I believe that all musicians should develop their ability to play to a click.
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    Mapex Saturn Evolution or INDe Drums

    I don't own any Inde drums, but I have their suspension mounts on most of my toms. They're great. I got them because they're an easy retro fit and accept 9, 10, and 12mm tom arms. However, that "tunable sustain" feature really does work and the mount is pretty unobtrusive, especially compared...
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    Ambassador weight Colortone heads may not be too far off.

    For me their main value is as a reso head, so an Ambassador in tom sizes is really what I've been waiting for. I have a red colortone Powerstroke 3 on the front of my bass drum and it looks great.