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    BJ Thomas on throne height

    I did, thanks, going to order that DW, it will fit But now I wonder if I should purchase a backrest, it's not included in the price of throne. Is it more comfortable to have a backrest?
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    BJ Thomas on throne height

    Hey, is a throne adjustable from 21″ to 29″ is comfortable for a tall (6.4) guy? I can't figure it out I'm thinking of Buying large DW throne Found the info here, it's number 6
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    About rugs

    Hmm. you have a point here
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    The New Breed book

    Why not try free youtube lesson avaliable? Message me if you need links
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    What are your favorite albums?

    Led Zeppelin - all albums!!!
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    I think I try this old thread as it pinned I'm buying drum throne (just returned the one that came broken:cautious:)now choosing the other and I wonder will it be convenient to have a backrest? It is usually sold separately, so is it worth spending more?
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    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    I remember when my mom told me that too loud music or noise was going to make me comletely death in few years, so I stayed away from my brother drums and speakers. Then when I grew up and started practicing deep insided I was warried and was a bit afraid to heat the drums too hard. Luckily it's...