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    Why Is This Ludwig Classic Maple So Cheap?

    The one in the first post sold off site.
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    Ludwig goes vintage-copying Sonor?

    Pics of the real deal when you get a chance?
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    NAMM meet-ups from the past

    Now you guys get to see what NAMM is like for the rest of us outsiders. Looks like you all had fun. Maybe it'll get that way in the future again.
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    Recommendations for a Bop Kit Purchase

    I love my Ludwig Classic Maple bop kit, but it's out of the price range and hard to find a used one. The nice thing about the Yamaha SC's is that there are so many add-on drums available if you want to expand the kit. The toms sound great too. I had a lower end Mapex bop kit, but I don't think...
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    Gear you wished existed...

    More Yamaha Tour add-on drums More 18/10/12/14 kits - currently only one available from out of all the manufacturers 20/10/12/14 off the shelf standard configuration for Ludwig Downbeat
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    Oak Shells Or Maple Shells?

    You have to use the "Outfitter" pdf on the page I linked to. It's an Excel worksheet. I guess you use the form to fill out sizes, finish, number and type of drums and so on and have a dealer order it for you. I've never done it, and it seems like a PITA compared to walking in someplace...
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    Oak Shells Or Maple Shells?

    I just took a look at the 'Outfitter' for the Ludwigs oaks, and it looks like you can order an 18x12, 18x14, or 18x16 size bass drum. Too bad there's no dealer around here to talk to. :( Without that, ideally, you could...
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    Oak Shells Or Maple Shells?

    This is a pretty good comparison between birch, maple, and oak. The maple is a hybrid though: I agree with what's been said already though. To me birch is brighter, maple is warmer, and oak is harsher/louder. I've had birch and maple, but have only tried oak.
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    Not a drummer just the mother of one with an Ayotte Kit in her closet.

    Who initially bought the drums?
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    Bassdrum head recordings 18" bass drum

    You put the felt on the inside of the head. IMO - not ugly,but classic. But if you don't like it - keep trying.
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    Oak Shells Or Maple Shells?

    Ludwig Classic Oak - "....5-ply, 6.5mm cross-over shell: 3-ply maple core with American red oak inner and outer plies..." That way you get both and don't have to decide. :p
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    Bassdrum head recordings 18" bass drum

    You beat me to it. First thing I thought was use the PS3 for the batter and the Fiberskyn for the reso. That's the only way I've ever used Fiberskyns. Only downside is you'll lose the Gretsch logo. You might still have to tone it down a little with some felt or something though.
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    Anyone else considering selling their kit?

    I only consider selling a set if I have another replacement in mind.
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    Guitar Center Daily Pick

    Brand new 6 pc. N.A. maple shell pack for $600 - unbeatable deal. Really, the only dealbreaker for me would be the 18" deep bass drum. But I've got tools to deal with that. :ROFLMAO: Edit: all done - back up to $999.00 now.
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    2021 NAMM Drum Gear

    It's online this year. You can sign up for it here: One is called Black Velvet - it's a flat/matte black: The other...