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    Two shell banks instead of eight different kits?

    I was going to post a greater challenge for you - go from 8 kits to one full shell bank. But it seems the decision has already been made and acted upon. You should be fully covered with what you have now. BTW - did you sell any of the other 6 kits? Or is that on the back burner.
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    Paiste Giant Beat vs. 2002 vs. Big Beat Video

    Very nice. What I especially like about all your videos are the isolated, head to head, direct comparisons towards the end. Most people seem to omit those. And while playing the whole set gives a good indication of how they'll sound in context, the isolated comparisons are much better for...
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    Help Needed!!

    OK - I thought it was for drum notation (with this being Drummerworld and all). And drums don't really sustain, except for roll notation.
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    Bigger Kits

    As I don't gig, I almost never move my drums around. And I have a whole large room that I could fill with drums if I wanted to. But I'm perfectly happy with my 5 pc. sets. So no. I wouldn't like a bigger set. Neither bigger number of drums, nor bigger sizes.
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    Help Needed!!

    The quarter note in the first measure and the half note in the second measure both cross over the implied 3 to 4 bar line, making it unnecessarily difficult to read.
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    Help Needed!!

    Not good. This one you did earlier is better: There's multiple ways to notate things but some are easier to read and follow than others. When you see 6/8, most people will count it as two chunks of three with...
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    Help Needed!!

    That's how I would notate it.
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    Rack tom flatness and "step up" height from snare

    Just depends on how hard you want to work. If it doesn't bother you, I wouldn't worry about it. A couple alternatives would be to cut down your toms, use a smaller bass drum, or get a different set. I like my snare and all the toms to be at the same height. .
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    What should I upgrade to?

    Good that you've got a budget set. Next up to consider would be things like how many drums would you like included, what sizes do you you want, do you have a wood preference, are you partial to a specific finish, and things like that. Maybe the answers to those questions will give you a better...
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    light weight drum kit

    . Pearl Compact Traveler - I don't think they come much lighter than that.
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    If you're referring to the older Ringo type oysters - I love 'em. Just a 'bizarre baby boomer generation thing' I guess.
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    I agree that the Neusonics sound great, and also a bit different. I was a little surprised by that the first time I tried them. Not sure why. Maybe it's the wood combination or something. My reaction to the finish is irrational, but falls along the lines of larryace's thinking. Probably just...
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    I wouldn't touch that set with a ten foot pole, and it certainly would never set foot in my house. I can't even stand to look at it. I said "no comment" the first time it was posted here out of courtesy. But my honest opinion is that it's the only drum set I've ever seen that would earn the...
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    Opinions: 13x3 steel vs 12x7 maple as main

    There 'ya go - done.
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    Would you purchase a used kit from studio

    Yes - best if you can look it over in person. Even better if you can take off some heads to have a look inside. Don't be afraid to buy from GC though. Besides the return period, if you buy something and have it shipped to your local store, you can look it over on the spot and decide if it's...