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    Bass drum muffling for low volume

    I use SoundOff pads for the bass drum: They're old and beat up, but still do the job. If you don't mind messing up a head, you could try LarryJ's approach. Stuffing it might be easiest though.
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    Are bop kits worth it?

    Could be the perfect tool to get the job done - depending on the job.
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    Cymbal blending

    You can probably coax some crash sounds out of the cymbals you have. If you want a crash that blends well with what you have, just get an 18" KCD crash or something. But it sounds to me that what you're after is actually two sets of cymbals - a bit darker set and a bright sounding set.
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    Are bop kits worth it?

    Have you looked inside the bass drum to see if someone stuck some weights in there or something? :ROFLMAO: I had a couple Yam. SC bop kits and I think they're just about the lightest drums you can get. I've got a couple kits with 20" bass drums, and I think they're a better size for all...
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    Ever bought a great-sounding kit with a finish you weren't too crazy about?

    I've never seen a kit that I was crazy about in the "gotta' have it" sense when it came to the finish. Some are really nice, some are really gross, and most are just OK. So, I guess I could live with most finishes, and some I wouldn't even consider. Other factors like sizes, sound, and so on...
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    Which ride should I get?

    See if the store will let you bring your New Beats in to set up and try with those cymbals. Maybe they'll go well together - maybe not. I've got A and K Sweet rides, and they mesh together with New Beats like they're made for each other. YMMV
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I don't think the Emad head itself is clicky, but the patch that comes with it might be.
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    New (to me) Ludwig Classic Maple

    The less I think about it the better. :p Suffice it to say it's a Ludwig though.
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    Getting a small kit

    I like Emads for my 18" bass drums, but if you really want a thud/thump, give a hydraulic a try. Not popular here, but it packed a wallop on an 18 I had. Nothing but thud/thump. I think for a not-quite-as-loud sound, go for a softer wood, maybe poplar. Harder woods seem to have more...
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    Getting a small kit

    Only one that I know of, towards the bottom of this page: IE58C (18" Bass Drum Kit) Drums: 18"x14" bass drum, 10"x7" & 12"x8" tom toms, 14"x13" floor tom, 14"x5" snare drum My solution was to get a Stage Custom bop kit...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Those should do the job. I like your bass drum reso head design too.
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    New (to me) Ludwig Classic Maple

    I just talked myself down from another kit and now this thread is stirring up the gas again. :mad: :ROFLMAO:
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    Should I be worried? - New cymbal purchase

    I agree. After drilling, the mounting hole should be an almost prefect circle. For it to get deformed or squashed in after that would take the impact of a hammer strike. If it bothered someone enough, it could be taken care of one way or another.
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    What do you think of this idea

    Being a pirate's not all it's cracked up to be.
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    New (to me) Ludwig Classic Maple

    Sometimes good things happen. I really like your new set. (y)