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    Good Steel Snares - Share your "review"

    Steel Snares - Share your "review" Steel snares have a reputation for being cheap, not sounding great. They are considered "cheapo entry level drums" by many (because some are really cheapo-snares). But there are really good steel snaredrums out there, like e.g. a Yamaha Recording...
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    Sonor AQ2 announced

    New Sonor drums announced. Will probably replace the old Force series, but apart from a few cosmetial changes, it seems to be the same stuff they made before. But now it's labelled Sonor AQ2... AQ2? Yeah, AQ2. They like the "Q" nowadays...
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    Starting all over again - what would you buy?

    This is a fictional scenario, a little game: What, if you could start your drumming-career all over again? What equipment would you buy, if you would have all the money in your hand, that you have spent the past couple of years on drum gear? Which brand, how many pieces & which sizes? Maybe...
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    New Yamaha Tour Custom launched

    Yamaha has launched a new version of the Tour Custom.
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    Chris Cornell is dead

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    Most recorded drummers - Who gets your nod?

    The most recorded drummers of all time: Hal Blaine and John Jr. Robinson. Whom do you prefer more? The modern, pushing and precise rock&pop sound of drummer Robinson or the "laissez-faîre old-school" vibe of Blaines 50s-70s drumming? In my case it's Blaine (obviously). He had that "little extra...
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    The good ol' Joe again...

    I really enjoyed playing the good old "Hey Joe" with my band. I don't know why, but I just love that song although I am not a Hendrix-Fan. Well, we had some fun, performing it on stage. Maybe someone else enjoys listening to it. Hey Joe live in Hamburg
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    Mike Botts (1944-2005)

    For whatever reason, nobody seems to remember Mike Botts nowadays. Back in the 1970's and 1980's, he was pretty well known and sought after. So, l guess this thread might be useful. For all who never heard of Mike Botts, here is an abstract. Michael Gene Botts was born on December 8, 1944. He...
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    Wave Deckel and his stuff

    Hello everyone, Wave Deckel here. (No, I am not this famous drummer that you might be thinking of. ;)) I am from Europe and I started drumming - like so many guys - as a small kid, hitting carboard boxes, pillows and everything else. I was always fascinated by drumming although I started out...