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    Practice drum kit - Deciding between Gretsch Catalina Club verses Gretsch Energy Street Kit

    Something else to consider.............. It looks like the Energy Street only comes in one color choice. $699 for an entry level Gretsch seems a bit steep, even though it comes with hardware. I would look at Mapex Mars Series or (dare I say) Yamaha stage Customs. More quality for around the...
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    Something weird is going on with my bass drum batter head.

    Next time you re-center the head, maybe make a Sharpie mark on the metal hoop part of the head, right on top or at "12 o'clock". I am assuming it's not just the mylar film that's rotating, but this way you can be sure that it's the whole head and not just the film. If it was just the film, I...
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    Tom angles!!!!

    This one was on Craigslist today. Bonus: Tripod angles! DIY Flat Base stands! Guaranteed to not fall over!* *Note, guarantee is void if the cymbals or snare are struck with anything heavier than a cotton ball
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    Hi-Hat flip

    I have a pair of 14" A. Zildjian Light Hi Hats from the 80's and the bottom cymbal is actually about 100 grams lighter than the top. I play them as labeled, so the heavier cymbal is on top. I have flipped them too. They sound good either way! The original, 1st Generation Zildjian Z Series...
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    Groove Juice Trick

    Greetings, I know many of us use Groove Juice. The thing I always disliked was the pump spray on those bottles was awful. It sprayed very poorly and unevenly. I simply saved an old Windex bottle and ordered three bottles of Groove Juice. The Windex bottle is 23 ounces, each Groove Juice...
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    The Stand Up Cocktail Kit

    I've played a few long gigs with a stand up cocktail kit just like yours (OP). In addition to missing a fully functional hi hat, you have to stand with most of your weight on your left leg all night (the right leg works the bass drum). My left leg and hip were very sore the next day! This was...
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    K EFX Cracked, what next?

    To me, all these effects cymbals with the holes cut out of them all sound the same. They all are designed to produce the "trashy crash" sound. Why spend premium money on a K when virtually any cymbal made that way will give you that sound. For the money, I think the Wuhan Linear Smash cymbal...
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    Drum Stick Memories - Regal Tip Jake Hanna

    I really like the Jake Hanna sticks. I miss them. What's more, the Regal Tip JC (for founder Joe Calato) was identical in every way to the Jake Hanna. I owned several pairs of both and they were literally the exact same stick.
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    Trying something new

    Coated heads just sound......better! LOL I know that's a very personal choice, but to me, I've found clear heads to be too "slappy" and "plastic-ky" for my taste. Coated heads mellow out that attack just a smidge. I've always described it like this (my own opinion of course): On clear heads...
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    Tama True Touch Training Kit--Has anyone used this?

    I agree with he sentiments here. Cool concept, but that's ridiculously overpriced, especially with no other hardware included that you will need (pedal, snare stand etc). You can get a pretty nice used kit for $600.
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    Alternative bass drum spurs on '65 Ludwig

    Drum factory direct makes spurs like that as well. Have you tried an old school bass drum anchor? Gibraltar makes those too. These might help give you a bit more lift at the front (reso) side, but it will NOT work if the reso side is already off the ground...
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    Gibraltar 9706nl no leg snare stand - memory locks don't fit outer tube?

    In the interim, you can use an automotive hose clamp. Not perfect, but better than nothing.
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    Hoop Protector

    A small piece of a mouse pad works great. Thick enough to protect the hoop but not so thick that the pedal won't clamp. No adhesive to deal with and the side that is meant to be on your desk is anti-skid, so it stays put! Best of all, one mouse pad is enough for about 20 bass drums!
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    Thinking about “normal” ride….

    You know, there are other great ride cymbals out there that aren't Paiste. Why limit yourself to one brand? I understand if you want all your cymbals to "match", and I get that and it's a valid way to think, but you're also eliminating about 90% of the cymbals out there that aren't Paistes...
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    Alternative Cymbal Cleaner-Good Results!

    Greetings, I apologize if this should go in the "Cleaning Cymbals" sticky. Mods feel free to move if necessary. I'm not usually into cleaning cymbals. I like the aged, older look and sound. 99% of the cymbals I buy are used, so I will clean then by doing a basic process, using Windex and...