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    2021 NAMM Drum Gear

    Looks like Sonor is basically reintroducing the Chinese made Martini, Safari and Bop kits, just calling it AQX..............................
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    Sequel/Follow Up to "The Drumset Musician" Book?

    Thanks for the advice. No disrespect intended, but The Drumset Musician is a very popular book. It is on the Modern Drummer List of "Top 25 Timeless Drum Books". It covers a wide variety of beats and styles, including a large 12/8 section and play along charts. Groove Essentials is great. I...
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    Sequel/Follow Up to "The Drumset Musician" Book?

    Thanks. I can't find that book. A web search turns up nothing. Is it possibly called something else?
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    Sequel/Follow Up to "The Drumset Musician" Book?

    Greetings, The Drumset Musician is a great book that I use with a lot of my students. As far as I know, there is no sequel or Part 2 of the book. Does anyone have any recommendations on what would be a suitable follow up or sequel The Drumset Musician? Something in the intermediate to...
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    Chromacast Hardware

    No, it doesn't. I can't think of a flat base hi hat model that does. I think a flat base tripod wouldn't be able to swivel. I think the pedal needs to be centered in-between the two legs for stability. I think it would be unstable if it were in any other position. Some of the old school...
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    Chromacast Hardware

    I'm glad you get to check them out, John Q. Definitely quality stuff, and the hi-hat stand is the sturdiest flat base around I agree. The fact that everything has memory locks is a really nice feature. You are right about the weight, it's certainly not as light as the Tama or DW Ultralight...
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    Evans Calftone BD reso vs Remo Fiberskyn

    I've used both. They really make the drum sing and offer more low end than a clear or coated head. I would get the heads with the built in muffling ring. For that it would be: Remo: Fiberskyn 3 Powerstroke 3 Evans: Calftone EQ4 You won't be disappointed with either.
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    Recommendations for a Bop Kit Purchase

    Those look very nice. This bit has me confused, though: "Additionally, the Sonor AQX Jazz comes equipped with the lug-contacting SmartMount tom and cymbal mounting system. This unique design prevents direct shell contact to maximize resonance and sustain." Ummm,, that sure looks like a...
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    Chromacast Hardware

    Greetings, This came up in the recent "Lightweight 2 Legged Hi Hat Stand" thread. Not many people probably know of this brand. It is imported/distributed exclusively by Go DPS Music in California. It can be ordered on their website, Amazon, Ebay and Reverb. They offer Value Series, Pro...
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    Lighter duty 2 legged HiHat Stand

    I got a "Chromacast Value Series" 2 leg stand with a used kit deal. Very impressed with the build quality and features. Fairly light, too. Pedal folds easily and it's tension adjustable/swive-able tripod. These can be found on Amazon, ebay and Reverb. They are sold by Go DPS Music out of...
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    Attack Drum Heads

    Jonathan, did you perhaps have a 14" Royal 1 "No Overtone" model or perhaps a Royal 1 "Reverse Dot" Model? The regular Royal 1 heads are single ply, 10 mil heads without any onboard dampening, just like an Ambassador, G! etc. They are available in Clear and Coated along with some pre-muffled...
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    Attack Drum Heads

    I recently ordered a full set of Attack Royal Coated heads for a jazz/bop kit (their version of an Ambassador/G1). I should have them next week. I'm excited to try them. I used attack heads about 15 years ago, and I liked them. I noticed that they stayed in tune more consistently. I'll give...
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    Does Anyone Actually Gig with A&F Kits and Snares?

    I don't want to speak ill of A & F as they do fill a niche in the market (even if it's a niche I don't understand). People that play A & F drums are most likely the same people that use "Tackle" stick bags and Cymbal bags. To me, it's more about "lifestyle" than it is about sound or practical...
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    Ludwig Classic maple "Hepcat"

    I just realized that half of the shell is poplar! Inner and outer plies are maple, the rest is poplar. I know that was Ludwig's shell formula from their vintage days, but now, they are plenty of actual all maple kits for WAAAAAAY cheaper. Would you pay that price, even for a "Legacy" brand...
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    Bob Gatzen

    That's what I figured. You said you've been talking with a few fellow fans of this model. Would we each have to order 12 pair, or could we each get a few pair and have the total combined be over the 12 pair minimum? Example, you get 3 pair, I get 3 pair, Person A gets 5 pair and Person B gets...