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    Two legged Hi Hat stands

    Check out the Chromacast Pro Series. It's under $100 and I recently got one included with a kit purchase. Very impressed. Super stable and it's easy to disassemble the floor plate. Scroll down on that page. Very well built and solid...
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    SwitchKick beater with Yamaha FP9 pedal?

    I know some aftermarket beaters won't fit certain pedals (beater clamp hole is too small). I've gotten around that by slightly enlarging the beater clamp hole by using a 1/4" drill bit. Is that something you can try?
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    Aquarian Heads Made In Mexico?

    Greetings, I recently posted another thread about wanting to try out some Aquarian Drum Heads, as I have been a Remo guy pretty much my entire career (with some Evans UV1 over the last few years). I am liking the Texture Coated heads, but I was surprised to see that they are made in Mexico. I...
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    Factory drilled Tom Tom? Another gretsch question

    That's true, but the floor tom's weight is resting on the floor with three evenly spaced legs, so there isn't nearly as much stress per bracket or the shell as a whole as opposed to a rack tom that has 100% of it's weight supported by a small bracket on one side. Also, floor toms are bigger and...
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    Thoughts On Aquarian Heads-Particularly Studio X vs. Focus X

    Greetings, I don't have much experience with Aquarian Heads. I recently got a bunch of gently used Aquarian heads from a friend that were basically new. I put a Texture Coated on my snare and I really like the sound. I'm a coated, single ply guy all the way. I had been a Remo loyalist for...
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    Mapex Meridian: Tom Memory Locks

    I second the vote for automotive hose clamps. Cheap, easy to find and fast to install/remove. And no drilling!
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    Acrolite P85 woes

    A nylon insert lock nut is all you need, Like Mr. Insane Polack said. Be sure you have a good size fender washer underneath to protect the shell. Most hardware stores sell thick fender washers. I recommend using those. IMPORTANT: Resist the temptation to get the strainer overly-tight. I've...
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    Factory drilled Tom Tom? Another gretsch question

    That's a sweet looking kit! Direct-to-shell mounts are starting to come back around again, and Gretsch seems to be leading the way. I have noticed a lot of their stuff is direct to shell. I recently watched a You Tube video on Mark Guliana un-boxing his new Brooklyn Kit, and he specifically...
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    Can I guess how a cymbal sounds by his weight?

    The weight of a cymbal is a good general guide, but it is not a foolproof reference. I weigh all my cymbals and I have some that I would normally think are too heavy for their size but sound great. The opposite is also true (thinking they are too light for their size but sound great). It...
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    Issues with Tama Classic Hardware

    The Crosstown stands are held with nylon bushings.
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    Can Grestch Catalina Club Snare Drums be purchased/ordered separately from kits?

    Thanks for the responses, but I still didn't get an answer to my initial question. I wasn't asking about how good or bad the drum sounds, only if it was available from Gretsch as a separate item. I know I could use any snare, but I like having a matching snare. Also, if I plan to sell it...
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    Can Grestch Catalina Club Snare Drums be purchased/ordered separately from kits?

    Just wondering. Does anyone know for sure? Gretsch lists add-on toms and bass drums for the Catalina Club series on their website, but not snares. I emailed Gretsch about this but I have yet to hear back. I know these aren't premium snares, but there is a Catalina Club Jazz kit here locally...
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    Issues with Tama Classic Hardware

    One thing to remember is that these are supposed to mimic the "old school" stands from the 50's and 60's. Peter Erskine basically handed his Ludwig 1400 stand to the Tama engineers and said "Copy this stand as close as you can without getting sued". The Tama Classic stand is, by far, as close...
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    Yamaha Stage Custom.... 3+ months lead time?

    Greetings, I recently got a really good deal on a used current generation Yamaha Stage Custom 12/14/18 bop kit in Pure White Lacquer. I've never owned a white kit and you don't see too many of the Stage Customs in the white finish. I'll feel like Vinnie back in the day playing white Yamaha's...
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    Trying to ID old drums based on hardware - no badges left on them

    The floor tom has the "Pearl Style" rectangular lugs. Probably an MIT (Made In Taiwan) or a CB 700 etc. The bass drum looks like it has Slingerland copy lugs. What an odd "frankenkit".