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    Drum Riser

    I'm using both foam gym mats and also rubber and foam pads that are 2"x2" in size. They are spread across the platforms in the same way others use tennis balls. They provide the same amount of space as half a tennis ball. So I'm basically doing the same thing as others I've seen online except...
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    Drum Riser

    Yeah I have several layers of boards, tiles, blankets, etc. Instead of tennis balls I went with a combination of foam and rubber pads. There's no question it helps but the kick is still questionable. Today I stuffed the kick with some sheets and added a Tama foam beater. It all helps for sure...
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    Drum Riser

    Did you have neighbors below you? Did you have the Ekit on a riser?
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    Drum Riser

    In about a month I will be downsizing into a 3rd floor condo. No more private drum space. In anticipation I have been testing out a DIY drum riser/floating floor using a combination of RTOM heads, L80 cymbals, foam and rubber pads, MDF platform, blankets, etc. Hard to tell but I do believe it...
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    Blue Desert Virtual Tour

    Wow incredible Nicholas! Just listened to your band's showcase. Really enjoyed the mix of jazz/funk/hiphop. Great drumming and inspirational (life goals).
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    Recording drums by combining an EAD10 and a Zoom 2QN 4K

    I’ll add my two cents but I’m hoping some recording experts will chime in as I too would like to hear what they have to say. For doing drum covers I think the EAD10 with your phone would be sufficient. You can add the Zoom as a second mic placed where you think the EAD10 is lacking. Then simply...
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    Question about Jazz Band

    My son participated in jazz band when he was in high school. He had experience playing behind a kit but zero jazz experience. The group was more focused on learning and having fun so there was little pressure. I think it really depends on the school and program. Some are more competitive than...
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    Need advice for a total beginner please.

    Learning drums or anything for that matter will be a roller coaster ride. You will have many highs and lows. You need to find ways to push through the lows and get to the other side. Teachers are there to inspire, guide and correct. However, it is ultimately the student that decides how much...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Just received my Byzance Jazz hats. It was exactly what I was looking for. I now understand what people mean when they describe hats as buttery. I've read some people turn these upside down when they need more attack. Can't wait to do some recording with these.
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    Mapex Armory tuning problem

    I am far from an expert but I can offer up some suggestions based on my experience with my Cat Maple kit. Personally I don't mind a little buzz so I'm not obsessive about it but initially it was a bit excessive. Being as frugal as I am I purchased the Drumtune Pro app instead of buying a...
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    Downsized for the sake of simplicity

    Perfect thank you. Looks great! What size is the cymbal mounted on the kick? Is that a splash?
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    Downsized for the sake of simplicity

    @yammyfan Do you mind posting a pic from the driver seat? I have Cats and have considered going from 5 to 4 as well.
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    Am I too old to start drumming?

    I got back into it just over a year ago when I turned 50. Go for it! Just have fun and don't over think it. If your heart is in it and your family is supportive (helpful as drums can be noisy) there's nothing to standing in your way. I'm lucky that I found a group of musicians right at the...
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    Should I memorize each solo as I go through Wilcoxon's All American book?

    I just started this book myself and really enjoy it for developing my hands. I'm definitely not trying to memorize solos. I'm starting to take interesting phrases that I like and trying it on the kit. That last part is still very tough for me.
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    Wilcoxon solos on the kit

    And this