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    Smoothing out Shaker/Maracas

    I feel dumb for asking this, but I'd like some opinions on playing shaker. Every time I try to play time with a shaker or maracas, it sounds like bad. Not smooth at all, really angular and forced. Any tips on getting a nice shaker sound, like in Tom Petty's You Don't Know How it Feels?
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    How can I tell if the snare I had to start out with is an Acrolite

    When I started playing in 5th grade, circa 1997, my parents got me one of those Ludwig student snare drums that came with a black rubber practice pad that went . It looked something like this The years went by and I assumed that the drum was cheap and worthless. I drilled a few holes in it...
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    Soreness from playing double bass

    So I snagged a used Iron Cobra pedal the other day for 115 bucks, and have started seriously working on incorporating it into my playing. Right now I'm just working on getting my endurance up. I just finished doing single 16th notes around 80 bpm, and it was exhausting. I felt a soreness in...
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    Teaching middle schoolers percussion after school...

    So I teach math at a middle school/high school, and took on the job of drumline instructor during football season. It was a fun time, a little stressful, but I enjoyed it. Our parade season is winding down, and I want to keep working with the kids after Christmas is over. Any suggestions? I...
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    Sally (Paradiddle exercise)

    A guy at guitar center showed me this fun paradiddle exercise he got from some drum corp guys. Not really sure where the title comes from, but here it is. Capital letter are accents Rlrr Lrll RlRlrr LrLrll Rlrr LrLrll RlRlrr Lrll RlRlRlrr LrLrLrll RlRlRlrr Lrll Rlrr LrLrll RlRlrr Lrll RlRlrr...
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    Help identifying a Slingerland kit.

    I just bought a Slingerland kit from Guitar Center today, and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure what model of drums they are. Its got a black and silver badge (meaning it was from the 80s, according to my research,) and has a black wrap. It was a four piece shell pack (3 toms and...
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    Getting involved into a new music scene

    So I finished college last summer, and have started teaching in a new area and don't really know any musicians. I was trying to take a year to focus on my technique and playing, but 4 months without a band to play with is driving me crazy. So I'm thinking of breaking my self imposed music...
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    Trick Throw Off: Whats the big deal?

    I've heard alot about Trick Throw-Offs ( like this) What makes them so awesome, aside from looking really slick. I'm looking to making my own snare, and I want to know if the 70 bucks is worth it.
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    Threads are always listed backwards

    Whenever I am logged in, the threads are always listed descending with the most recent post first. However, if I'm looking at a thread while not logged in, the posts are increasing with the original post first. Is there any way to change this? I'd like to always view the threads in increasing...
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    Looking to Improve my Odd Time Playing

    Anyone have any suggestions for improving your odd-time playing? I've heard that saying, "the best way to get good at playing in 5 (or whatever) is to play in 5. Specifically, anyone have any book suggestions?
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    Playing for about ten years, thinking of finally getting a teacher.

    So I've been playing since I was in middle school, and I just finished college and got a real job. I'm thinking of finally taking some lessons in my spare time to iron out some things I've felt I was weak in. (Technique, double strokes, some style issues, among other things) Mainly I just...