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    Covering Weckl Again

    Title says it all I hope you'll enjoy it
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    Sultans of swin cover

    I hope you'll enjoy
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    Get what you want - Tower of power cover I Hope you'll enjoy it
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    Me playing police cover

    I hope you'll enjoy it
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    Metallica cover One

    With mistakes and without double-bass here is my "one" cover
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    Another Weckl cover As always, I hope you'll enjoy it
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    Dave Weckl Cover - Designer stubble I hope you'll enjot it
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    Dave Weckl Cover - Mud Sauce

    I hope you'll enjoy it
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    Red hot cover - Give it away

    I hope you'll enjoy it:
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    Dave Weckl Cover (101 shufle)

    I hope you'll enjoy it:
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    My Judas Hell bent for leather I'll hope you enjoy it
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    Back in the day (less is more version) I'd tried to play as simple as possible but looking for good sound, groove and feeling. Hope you'll enjoy it.
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    Me playing sultans of swing

    From a Play along: I hope you'll enjoy it :-)
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    Me playing two Dave Weckl's Play along

    Here I am trying to play two themes of the Master Mud Sauce: Rhythm Dance: I hope you won't be so cruel ;-)
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    What do you think about a K custom bottom on top??

    I have the possibility to buy a 14" K custom bottom very cheap and my idea is tu use it as a top with my A custom bottom. Do you think it will works fine? I'd like a litle darker sound than the full A custom (top and bottom) and hope this combo will give me a better sound. Am I wrong? Someone...