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    What's your latest purchase?

    Twin DW6700 stands.
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    Large Bass Drums

    Fred Young's vintage kit of The Kentucky Headhunters. Dos 28 inch.
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    Large Bass Drums

    24" and 22"?
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    Wired headphones make / model?

    Absolutely. I only made the distinction about the replacement cable with your prior post mentioning the HD 25 Light (also an excellent headphone) but the cable on the HD 25 Light is non-replaceable. However Sennheiser informed me when the newer HD 25 model first came on the market its cable...
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    Wired headphones make / model?

    Sennheiser HD 25 Plus headphones are lightweight and stay rock solid in place. This is the only HD model that you can purchase a full replacement cable from Sennheiser. I used my last HD 25 cans daily for eight years and replaced the cable twice. Honorable mention: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. A...
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    So proud of Yolanda :)

    Andy, the more I think about this perhaps the thread should have congratulated Sting on landing Yolanda as his bassist for the upcoming My Songs Tour. Just saying.
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    Bad Bum Experience

    I ordered five samples from Bum Wrap when I was considering wrapping my gong bass drum. Samples were ordered in early January of 2019 and I received them promptly in the mail. I received five samples, but the one I wanted to see firsthand the most--and compare with the other samples as a...
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    What's a vehicle you love but it's just a terrible vehicle to own?

    Sprinters are great until they break down. I was looking at Sprinters but my mechanic talked me out of it. Models with the Mercedes drivetrain are expensive to repair and prone to frequent break downs. For a much better alternative look at the large Ford Transit vans. Really dependable...
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    So proud of Yolanda :)

    Yolanda, well deserved!
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    Making a Movie about the Drums

    This is truth. I realize there isn't a lot of room to develop characters and plot in a short film, but having an older drummer as a mentor for your female lead character to encourage her would be much closer to the norm. Consider having the mentor put her in an unexpected live situation in...
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    Bosphorus Hi Hats

    Contact Tony at Cymbals Only. He's a Bosphorus guru and has significant input with Bosphorus R&D.
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    Handle Needed for a Contura Case

    Not sure if this meets your criteria for "suitable" or not but here you go. Marine grade should hold up well...
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    Show us that one cymbal you just couldn’t live without

    Istanbul Agop Matt Chamberlain Signature 23" Ride. It has the sound I've been chasing in my head for a ride cymbal for five decades. This is more then just the brand/model/size. I was looking at a number of Matt Chamberlain 23" Rides for several years but was never quite content with their...
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    Black Beauty 14x8 tension rod length

    Sorry, I'm not really qualified to answer this. Someone else with experience can chime in here. Bermuda? Karl? Otherwise try contacting a drum modification expert.
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    Seller's Remorse

    Sorry, no pictures. I lost a number of photos on a prior computer crash before I could back them up. Jay Jones and Bob Gatzen were gracious enough to allow me to custom paint a raw SS shell. White basecoat with a touch of pearl, silver micro flake, and rose colored transmission pearl. These...