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    Slingerland COB TDR snare!

    Very nice Bo!
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    Maybe I am old but I just don’t understand this

    Back in the day--many decades before the internet when the crust of the earth was hardening--most of us purchased locally or from a shop who we had an established relationship with and we knew one another on a first name basis. If there was any sort of an issue you knew exactly who to go talk...
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    Overhead mics

    Here's a sample video of what can be done with three Aston Origin microphones in a modified Glyn Johns position. The Origins sell for $299 each brand new. You may be able to score a good deal on several used ones.
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    Is that a tom?

    My money is on a side snare. Some drummers prefer having the higher tom in that position. Kenny Aronoff comes to mind when he plays 2 up. Just a matter of personal preference.
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    Recommendations for kick heads

    I went through a lot of experimentation on my last kit and surprisingly landed with the Aquarian Clear Force I for bass batter and an Aquarian Modern Vintage with Felt Strip for the Reso head. Killer combination. The 2" port is only there to feed a jumper cable to the two internal microphones...
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    Great art comes from great pain

    Author Kurt Vonnegut shared an encounter in his life that changed his mindset and freed him to pursue and enjoy his purpose for the right reason: When I was 15 I spent a month working on an archeological dig. I was talking to one of the archeologists one day during our lunch break and he asked...
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    Great art comes from great pain

    The human condition is that we constantly compare ourselves to others instead of embracing and enjoying who we were designed to be as individuals. The exercise of comparison and competing with others has been compounded with social media and the pursuit of pseudo fame by many young people...
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    Negative effects of positive feedback.

    True. Mark Twain said "I can live for two months on a good compliment." Twain typically took two months to write his shorter pieces, and a genuine compliment fueled him to complete those pieces in that timespan. But no doubt the legitimate criticism he received made him a better author.
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    Great art comes from great pain

    We rarely connect with other's strengths, but we almost always connect and identify with other's pain and brokenness. Life is difficult and painful for everyone but to varying degrees. Those who are gifted enough to encapsulate that pain into a thing of beauty and are vulnerable to share it...
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    DW3500 Hi-Hat: Good, Bad and the Ugly

    There's a few reasons for adding on a second hi-hat stand. First, I'm working on creating some additional space so I can set up a second kit at home. Having a semi-dedicated hi-hat stand for that kit would be ideal. Second, the DW5500 I have is 14-years-old. There's a thing called Murphy's...
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    15" deep toms?

    I've been thinking through the issue of depth on floor toms for a 24/13/15/18 configuration. Karl Crafton make an interesting point on the topic of intervals with 15" diameter floor toms here on the forum. Karl's recommendation in his post is to go 13/16/18 but with a 16" X 14" floor tom and...
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    Negative effects of positive feedback.

    There's a thin line between being encouraging and being critical in our culture. I think the quality of the relationship you have with those complimenting you has a lot to do with whether you should put any stock in what they tell you and what you should take lightly or dismiss altogether...
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    Snare to complement my Acrolite

    If you go with the Black Beauty you might consider getting a new, discounted factory B-stock. Usually B-stock models have very minor plating imperfections on the interior of the drum at a significant savings. They come with a Blue/Olive cut off badge and no serial number. You are definitely...
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    Two 22"s set up

    Experiment. Whatever works for you works, no matter what anyone else says or thinks. My cymbals are pretty much in steady rotation and I've stumbled onto some surprising (to me) combinations that work well together.
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    Snare to complement my Acrolite

    You can't go wrong with either the Black Beauty or the Classic Maple. When finances allow get both. Having a Black Beauty, a Maple and an Acro will cover a lot of ground. Your call which one would immediately benefit your situation if you can only afford one now. If you're gigging I might...