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    How did you pick your favorite sticks?

    Years ago I landed on the Vic Firth Steve Gadd Signature model when they first came out. But several years ago they started feeling a bit "thin" but I had no idea why; I just attributed it to my grip changing with age. So I watched the sales and ordered different models in different diameters...
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    ! Writing, Creating, Recording, Playing?

    Good point. I don't think it's an either/or situation: those who are introverts don't have a performer trait and those who are extroverts all have it. I think there is definitely a lot of middle ground for introverts where the enjoyment of performing-especially to a good, appreciative...
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    ! Writing, Creating, Recording, Playing?

    The introvert/extrovert comparison is a valid point. But I feel like there is a more specific factor where individuals have a "Performer" trait that feeds off of the energy of being in front of people in a live setting. This trait can apply to--but is not limited to--public speaking...
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    Barton...New to Musicians Friend

    Barton is based out of Chico, California. Their drums are outsourced overseas in limited runs but they appear to have a solid business plan. What little I've heard about them has been consistently positive.
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    New Pearl Masterworks Drum Set Comparison - 4 Kits Head to Head!

    Another astounding video. Can't thank the DCP Crew enough for their service to the drumming community for putting these resources out there. Pearl is certainly upping their game these days. Honestly I would be happy with any of these kits. Without auditioning them personally the two...
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    Direct vs chain drive

    Bo, my 90's DW5000 pedal was made and assembled in house at the DW factory. Several sources have told me that in the early 2000's DW outsourced manufacturing and assembly of the 5000 series pedals to Asia. Currently 9000 series pedals are partially assembled in house at the DW factory and the...
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    Direct vs chain drive

    +1 I picked up a clean, lightly used demo DW5000 Accelerator single chain drive last year and converted it to strap drive to serve as a backup pedal. I still prefer the action of my 1990's DW5000ND Delta II USA made strap drive pedal (which is my primary pedal), but in all honesty the newer...
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    Want your input on steel snare drums.....

    Consider any of Jim Beier's snare drums. You can't go wrong with a Beier snare drum! Also Ronn Dunnett's stainless steel or carbon steel snare drums are really nice.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Dingwall D-Roc Standard Bass. It's a long story that involves an incredibly wonderful and supportive wife, our wedding anniversary, Geddy Lee's Book of Bass and more than a few dozen Leland Sklar Youtube videos.
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    Gramps Passed

    Condolences. Here's to his service and legacy.
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    Keeping steel snare shell shiny....

    Old school bikers often use Flitz on all their chrome parts. It's one of the few products I trust.
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    The ULTIMATE Paiste Cymbal Showcase - 13 Series Compared!

    I played both 602 and 2002 series in the 80's and 90's. If I were to ever return to Paiste the Dark Energy series would be my top choice, possibly the Traditionals.
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    Off Topic Logo

    Tim "The Toolman" Taylor approved!
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    My Most Sincere Apologies to All on DW!

    We all screw up, but few man up to make things right. Glad you're still here brother!
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    Adding to the bass drum bank: 24" or 26"

    I love my 24" but truth be told I've always wanted a 26"as well. Honestly you can't go wrong either way.