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    Meeting Uncle Larry

    You can't buy integrity. You either have it or you don't.
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    Choose between 8 inch Tom or 14 floor

    14" floor tom all day long. You'll be glad you did looking back down the road.
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    Who here plays ash drums?

    If we're including Ash snare drums we'd be remiss to not include Guru's English Ash snares (starting at 3:07 through 9:45):
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    Who here plays ash drums?

    I started my youngest daughter on a ddrum Dominion Ash Pocket Kit years ago. Once we swapped out the cheap factory heads it sounded really good. To be totally honest I was really surprised at the price point how good it sounded. When my daughter stopped playing the kit sold instantly to an...
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    Any experience with Q Drum Co.?

    Apart from Q's craftsmanship consider how much you value their exceptional customer service.
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    Classic Maple Fab kit (22/13/16), considering adding a 14x14 FT

    There are drummers who play or have played a 13" rack/14" floor tom configuration notably Poogie Bell and Richard Danielson (Vintage Trouble, in his early years). The 13/14 works well for them as well as for others. If a 13/14/16 works for you, by all means go for it. For me I'd be inclined...
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    Any experience with Q Drum Co.?

    Exactly what KEEF said: no personal experience, but I have only heard glowing reports from those who have dealt with Q.
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    Purchasing multiple cymbals at the same time

    I've purchased cymbals together when I was convinced from the get go I liked their sound, and they were either a great compliment or contrast to one another. But going in I pretty much knew the sound and weight range I was after. From personal experience I've found myself more often than not...
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    Kangaroo Hide Drum Heads.

    With all due respect to everyone here--no matter what side of the fence you're on or where you fall on the spectrum--a well run and legally enforced conservation program is one of the best things that can help to ensure a healthy animal population. Where I grew up there was a clamp down on...
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    Your practice area set ups

    I originally converted this space for my daughter when she first took up drums. Now that she's out on her own I have inherited it for my rehearsal space.
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    Help with floor tom legs

    They could be Yamaha but I wouldn't testify in court on that.
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    A great listen - Yolanda Charles & Phil Gould

    Absolutely! I was--and still am--a huge Level 42 fan and Phil's drumming. Looking forward to digesting his input.
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    A great listen - Yolanda Charles & Phil Gould

    Thanks for posting Andy. Working my way through the video in segments. Always interesting to hear Yolanda's perspective on things.
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    Floor Tom Sustain

    Try some Pearl R40 floor tom rubber leg tips on your 16" floor tom. They'll open up your 16" with more sustain. The result may be close enough to your 14" floor tom that you're pleased, but if not you won't have to "real in" the 14" as much.
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    Snare Stand for Tom

    If you're a light hitter the TAMA Classic Tom Stand should be amply stable. On the plus side it weighs very little.