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    Looking for support for Pocaroo (local music festival)

    My band has a chance to open for Saliva, LA Guns, and American Hitmen. Thing is they have turned this into a popularity contest based on votes. Here is the link: We are alt hard rock There are only 7 bands competing in this...
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    Sabian Limited Steampunk Ride

    Been looking for one for a while. Got it for $300 in SLC this weekend. Was discounted due to some of the paint "flaking" around the bell. Otherwise I would rate it as very good with no smudges, scuffs, key holing, or dings. Love the sound. I have a AA Rock ride and a Custom Shop HH Rock ride as...
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    Told to hit harder

    So, we did a show last night and some of our friends did the sound, one of which is a drummer and the other is a guitarist in a cover band. Well after our set the guitarist told me I need to hit harder to make his mixing easier. The drummer who was helping has told me the same in the past. The...
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    Sabian Duo (Click Hats)

    Last summer I picked up a pair of 14" Sabian HH Duo hats. Loved the sound from the start, but found they didn't project all that well. Since then I have been using an AAX stage bottom hi hat with them. Gives the darker loose sound on the top with the volume and click due to the heavier bottom...
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    Groove and studio recording

    Serious question here. How does one get groove on a studio recording when you record like this" 1. Lay down scratch track with main players and get primary drum tracks 2. Rerecord rhythm 3. Rerecord leads 4. Record vocals 5. Rerecord bass I like to believe I get into the groove when playing...
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    Up for some Chick Rock?

    Here is a song we just finished - Keep on Walking. The drums and the song in whole turned out a little more brutal than I expected. Would love some feedback.
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    Gorilla Music

    I've heard and seen plenty of negative things about these guys. Well a few weeks ago they contacted us about an end of month show for August, it was pretty easy to decline since we are booked every weekend through the end of the month. I also hate the idea of driving my truck and our equipment...
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    The View - Original Single

    Here is our first official single The View. Would like to know any of you think. Drums are pretty simple for this one.
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    One of our Newer songs

    Here is some video from a live performance about a week ago. Heads up, I am bread and butter drummer, nothing too technical or flashy. Shattered Aftermath - Time (original)
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    Sabian 16" HH Duo Crash

    Just received a 16" HH Duo Crash from Sabian today. Ever since getting a 18" AAX Omni ealier this year I had scoured the ineternet for other Sabian cymbals of the same or similar lines. Frankly I love the sound as well as the semi raw look. I had an oppurtunity to play on a 22" Omni, but I...
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    Jenkpod Derek Roddy Interview

    Here is a link to a cool Derek Roddy interview from last week. Done by one of our local Radio Dj's and a mutual friend who is also a drummer. Topics covered; Local music shops and their decline and the music scene and industry in general. very insightful interview...