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    Mapex Meridian Black Obsidian LE

    Classic look, modern twist, big sounding drums, Maple/Birch 24x14, 12x8, 16x16, 14x7 Birch/Maple Mapex Meridian Black Obsidian
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    Tyger's Saturns

    Man...I was posting a thread just like this almost a year ago saying how much I loved my Sonor 3007's! hahahaha. Well, almost a similar story here, I was in the hunt for a 16" Floor Tom for my 3007's when I came across a Mapex Saturn in Cherry red sparkle, 10, 12, 14, 14.5, 22. They were in...
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    Premiere Cabria I.D?

    He guys! Was wondering if you can help with identifying this Premiere Kit, I don't know too much about them. I was looking for hardware locally when I came across this kit with a whole bunch of hardware and even a 16" AAX Xplosion crash. He's not asking for much and I really don't need an extra...
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    Sonor 3007 Autumn Fade.

    I just got this kit the other day for a decent price along with some drum cases, cymbals and some other accessories. I was playing a early model Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage for awhile and I wasn't really planning on getting a new kit until later next year. As mentioend it was such a great deal...
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    Dealing with Spill/Bleed

    Hey Folks, Just wanted to get some tips and advice on dealing with spill/bleed when recording, mainly from my snare mic. With my set up the hats are fairly close to the snare as with most set ups. I've raised the hats as high as possible without feeling uncomfortable to play. I'm using an Audix...
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    Mapex Black Panther Premium Series Steel Snare

    Hey Folks, Anyone use this snare? Thoughts? I was originally looking for a maple snare but a friend of mine doesn't use this snare. I have it for the weekend but it's too late to play it, just gave it a few whacks...sounds like it'll cut nice. It's got a few scratches here and there but...
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    Logic Express 9: thoughts and experiences?

    Hey Everyone, So I've been going back and forth in terms of what DAW would work well with me. I've been using garageband until now and tried Cubase LE 4 that came with my Zoom R16 Multitrack recorder. I liked the workflow of Cubase but decided to try out Logic Express 9 mainly bacuse I'm on a...
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    Evans EC2 Coated SST: First Impressions.

    Just got some Evans EC2 SST Coated heads and I'm really diggin' them! Evans EC2 SST I was about to go with Remo Emporers or Evans G2 Coated (I would've went Aquarian but there is almost nothing available here in Toronto and I couldn't wait for new heads). I heard so many good reviews I thought...
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    Mic options: am I on the right track?

    Hey folks! So I've been doing a lot of research on micing options on various forums and searching on the net. At first I was looking at mic packages from various audio companies but I found there was always one weak mic or two within those kits so I started at looking at piecing together mics...
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    Damn you Canada post!

    It's just my dumb luck that canada post has locked out their workers! I had a paiste twenty 20" ride coming in from the US that was already in customs on tuesday. That same day they decide to lock their employees out! So now I wait for some resolution while my ride is either being sent back to...
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    Paiste twenty 20" vs 22" ride

    Hey everyone! I'm just about complete (for now) on my cymbal set up. All I'm waiting for is to get a dedicated 20" or 22" ride. I've been going back and forth on the the 2 rides and I always seem to go back to the 20" mainly because of the bell. Unfortunately there are no 22" to try at my local...
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    New (Used) Paiste myself!

    Hey Folks! Just sharing my excitement as some new (used) cymbals came in. Got a fairly decent deal on them so I couldn't pass it up. In the box a Paiste Twenty Series 20" Light Ride and a classic Paiste 3000 18" crash. The ride is in mint condition, very little use and minimal stick marks, the...
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    Aquarian drumheads in Canada?

    Hey everyone! Does anybody know where to get Aquarian drumheads in canada, particularly in toronto and the GTA? Tried searching the net but only found a wholesaler. L&M shows a selective few on their site but nothing I'm interested in. I first tried a few evans heads...G2's, EC2's coated and...
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    Mixing Paiste Alphas

    Hey Folks! Just curious ti know if there are any other Paiste Alpha owners mixing their cymbals with 2002, twenty's or any other cymbal brands. I currently have 16" medium and 18" thin crashes, with 20" full ride and 14" medium hats. I'm thinking of either getting a 19" or 20" crash that will...
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    Zoom R16 or comparable

    Hey folks, I've been searching around and doing some research on mixers and multi-track recorders for some home studio recordings. I came across the Zoom R16 (and also read some threads on here about it) and decided that it is the best unit that suits my needs. Before I pull the trigger in a...