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    It Was 15 Years Ago Today

    Sorry about your singer friend. Time flies huh? 'And then one day you'll find 10 years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.'
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    A wake up call - literally!

    I did the same thing coming back from a gig Andy, except I dozed off just before a left bend. I knew I was tired and wanted to pull over and nap, and I was litteraly 15 seconds from being able to safely do so. Next thing I know I'm waking up to the sound of the tires on the gravel from running...
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    Severe Headaches after Drumming Gigs

    This happens to me a lot becasue my playing stinks.
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    When do you retire a pair of sticks? (No breaks)

    Like others, when the bead is chipped or the shoulder worn down. They make amazing back scratchers though. And no lol, splinters are never a problem.
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    Playing as if you are listening?

    I once did a show where after all was done I asked the lead singer if the drums were ok? She said, 'Honestly, I didn't even think about them. I was just kind of doing my own thing.' To me, a massive compliment and mission accomplished.
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    Learing the parts note for note is one thing, but coming up with them is a completely different animal. Its not necessarily the playing that's amazing, but what they choose to play. I can learn plenty of complicated songs note for note; could I have written the parts as well as they did...
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    NEED TIPS: Learning Drums By Ear

    I didn't say it wasn't? I'm simply suggesting forums (any, not only Drummerworld) have some kind of built in feature that lets users know the thread is obviously old, other than the 3-point sized date on the main page. All I'm saying is make it obvious! Although the topic and info shared is...
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    NEED TIPS: Learning Drums By Ear

    lol forums need a 'Bumped!' feature. I was almost done reading the 1st page when I realized the OP was looking for help more than 4 years ago. And it happens to me often! I never notice the date on the main page, I just click on the thread title and go.
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    Advice On PA System for Drums

    I Should have Kept my Nose Out of it.
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    Advice On PA System for Drums

    I"m going to guess he's using a phone and auto correct wants in on the action.
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    Gavin, for some reason I'm remembering something about 12" Remix hats being used quite a bit on In Absentia. I may have read it here waaaay back as I've been following the thread since the day you joined. Amazing you're still here 15 years later patiently answering questions. Datz a lotta questions!
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    Most beautiful drum tracks??

    Oh cool! Never knew it was a black beauty, I always assumed it was a Yamaha. It sounds great.
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    Most beautiful drum tracks??

    Not a jazz tune but I think JRs playing on this track qualifies.