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    Solo - Singles/Doubles/6 Stroke Rolls

    Hey Guys, Thought i'd share this with you, I've been working on speed and trying to work the six stroke roll around the kit a bit. It's a bit of a wank, but thought i'd share for any feedback. Let me know your thoughts! Cheers,
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    Drum teachers in New York

    Hey guys, I'm heading to NYC in October for a holiday, and was hoping to get a lesson or two from some teachers over there. I've heard that Jo Jo Mayer does private lessons, and a few other folk. Was just wondering if anyone has any reccomendations for teachers in New York? Also, anything...
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    Drum Sampler - Live Playing

    Hey Guys, Was wondering if any of you get into playing samplers at all? I've recently started getting into it, and really enjoying myself. I normally play for singer songwriters, so my creative output isn't as much as i'd like it to be, so I've started using the sampler for some fun. I'm in...
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    Link - Natural Reverb!!

    Hey Guys, I thought i'd share this clip with you. I was getting back into my car the other day in this massive concrete car park and I noticed the most amazing sound when I shut the door, the reverb was off the hook! So I got out, set up a snare (coveniently my drums were in the car) and...
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    What Book is this from!?

    Hey Guys, I've been going through some old stuff from my first drum teacher, and found a bunch of pages from a book, however I don't know what the book is. I was wondering if anyone recognises it, could they let me know the title of the book, so I can go buy it? Cheers
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    Sabian Alu Bell

    Hey There, Just thought i'd share some new cymbals with you all. Just got a 7" Sabian Alu Bell, basically it's a cast Aluminium Bell, beautiful tone on it, as well as that I bought an 18" AAX O-Zone, both on ebay - for very cheap! Should be able to upload a little clip with some of it...
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    Suitcase Drum Kit

    Hey There, I just finished my suitcase kit, i'd love to hear your opinion. A few progress shots, and the finished product. Most of the hardware and shells fit inside the suitcase. I've got to buy a new HiHat stand to chuck in there as well as a kick pedal. Ideally, i'd love to have it at a...
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    Practice Pad next to kit while recording

    Hey There, I just finished up a five day recording, where we tracked the Drums, Bass, Guitar and Keys live then vox, percussion, extra guitars tracked over the top. I thought i'd share this pic with you, I setup my practice pad right next to my hats, which allowed me to stay warm, and work on...
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    JJJ Hottest 100 Winner Leaked!

    Look away if you don't want to know the winner... but SOMEONE is going to get fired for this little mistake!!
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    Instrument Insurance

    On the back of the "Musicians without Honour" thread, I'm wondering if you guys Insure all of your equipment. Not just home and contents, but also out and about?
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    Metro Stave Shell Rosegum Kit

    Thought i'd show you guys my recent kit. It's a custom made kit, Australian Wood (Queensland Rosegum) Stave Shell. 10x7, 14x12, 16x14, 22x20. The Snare is a 12x4.5 New South Wales Brushbox. It's heavy, but absolutely worth the haul! The last pic is with the 12x8 Tom as well. Please let me know...
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    My new Rogers Londoner VI

    Hey There, Just acquired a 1976 Rogers Londoner VI. It's in absolutely stunning condition, thought i'd show ya'll. I'm the fourth owner, and it sounds amazing! I got 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and a 22 kick, with a Dynasonic snare. Notice the original kick pedal too. Comments welcomed!