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    Got nicknames?

    Nicknames & aliases: Mac, Stogie, Frank, Miami, The Jaded Roue', Sherman (as in General William Tecumseh Sherman), Mario, Houston, ....... there may be some I've forgotten. All but one were given to me. 0)+
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    Too old to Play Drums

    I'm 68, been playing since I was 13. In a lot of ways I'm better now than I've ever been. Can't read music well(stopped dong that in 1976), can still putz around a marimba or xylophone some. Just refresh yourself with rudiments, , and if you want to take up the drumset again, learn all of...
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    What Reggae Rhythm?

    Maybe they need to do more research and practice themselves. Tempo, dynamics, "feel" is every player's responsibility.
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    Precession after pauses problem

    Take two weeks off and then quit.
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    Re-learning the ability to read music!

    I will be playing in a concert in August, professional musicians, in a wind ensemble setting. I haven't "read" music since 1976 except for a concert at the Coors Brewery in 1984. I will not be playing tympani or any mallet instruments. What is the best way for me to regain at least some prowess...