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    Drum shopping spree!! Need suggestions!

    So as one of the drummers at my church whos life revolves around drums and gears, i have been asked to give the clergyman up to three drumsets of my recommeded choice to present to them and they will buy one for us. How exciting... Budget?.. they actually chuckled and said, thats why we...
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    Hardcase cymbal case question

    Hey guys. I recently bought a used cymbal case made by Hardcase off a shop i go to for 50 bucks. Real steal i thought. Condition is a bit beat up on the outside which i dont mind. I loaded my cymbals up sat nite for a gig for the first time of use (used soft carry cymbal bag previously to this...
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    What is the concept behind this type setup?

    Notably the front cover page of drummerworld website recently of Ed Shaughnessy Rack tom toms setup in reverse order (bigger and deeper tom followed by the smaller shallower one left to right) Because for a second i thought he was a lefty but he isnt I have seen setups like this before time to...
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    Paradise City - GnR Enjoi From our gig from past weekend
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    2nd hi hat stand (remote) setup recommendations

    I am on the verge of purchasing a beautiful set of ONE year old Meinl Byzance extra dry med hats in 14" for $350 CAD (normally goes for about 600 with tax new) That said, I would like to begin expanding my repertoire to have some grooves and licks that involve a remote hi hat set up on the...
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    In search of: 2006-2008 session studio SBX floor tom 16x16

    I have been wanting to acquire one of these for a long time with no luck despite a lot of lurking around. I do see them on various forums time to time and found threads like these:
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    Yet another Ludwig snare thread..advice?

    Refer to this kijiji ad for me guys (Canadian market) Please view this ad: LUDWIG 402 100TH ANNIVERSARY SNARE DRUM FOR SALE...
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    Gig vids

    Some segmented video captures (recording started and stopped by my gf when she was tired lol) with really decent sound quality on my pearl session sbx kit with dw collectors standard maple snare. I was also pleased with the way my ride sounded as it was my first time using it at gig (recently...
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    Drum shipping question

    This may be a subjective topic but just want to get a general idea for it so anyone with experience with shipping their drums could chime in thatd be great Im looking to get a general idea of what shipping charge is going to incur before going into the store to find out... From: toronto...
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    DW bass drum resonant heads I am considering ordering a new resonant head for my 20 inch kick off DW. A couple questions for those who has had experiences with this: In terms of colour, i plan on getting the gloss black one but as i have seen different styles of res heads for dw...
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    Some new cymbals (un-mic'ed) Soon enough i hope to rent some micing kit to record some in depth sound but i was really curious as to how my new cymbals would sound raw This was done on my samsung galaxy s7 edge smartphone and to be honest wasnt a bad recording just to hear the cymbals. Check...
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    Stepped on my cymbal... warped?? help!

    I just got myself a brand new 16" Paiste Dark Energy Crash MKI Basically I got it home... left it on the floor in its plastic bag... Wasnt looking turned around stepped on the outer-ish edge by accident. How I knew was I felt it cave in that moment, but I was quick enough to not put full...
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    My DW and Pearl Session studio

    Figured I need to start my pics thread here. I just joined :)) Drums DW Collectors VLT maple in broken glass 10x8 12x8 14x12 16x14 20x16 14.5.5 DW collectors dark cherry satin snare Pearl Session studio SBX all birch in tobacco burst lacquer 10x8 12x10 14x11 22x18 14x5 Pearl sensitone elite...
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    Hello from T dot!

    My name is Paul and I am thrilled to become a part of this community! I live in Toronto and I've been lurking these boards for plethora of resources regarding tips/gear for a few years and never crossed my mind to register as a member!? Here I am now! Born and raised in South Korea for my first...