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    Who here is gigging?

    I would sure hope so as well. Our cover band also averages 2-3 gigs per week under normal circumstances, with a smattering of private and corporate gigs throughout the year. Since this past March, we have dwindled down to 2-3 gigs per month. There was a small stretch during the summer where...
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    A peek inside the practice room....

    Those Rogers sound awesome. I am having a serious brain fart at the moment but a venue I used to play at (in NYC down near Katz Deli) had a Rogers kit in there I loved playing. How do you tune your toms on that kit? Very bop sounding. If you know of the specific fundamental notes I'd love...
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    DW Design Series...Good Deal?

    I have the Frequent Flyer kit which is made under the Design Series. Real big fan of the smaller turret lugs, the UV lacquer finish, and the HVLT ply layout is very pleasing to my ear. Tune 'em up or down and they respond great. I prefer them over the Performance Series if we're talking...
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    Roland V-Drum pad question!

    An unsung hero IMO in the Roland line up is the KT-10 trigger pedal. I own two, and while there is a little bit of a premium price to them, they are ROCK SOLID and perform flawless on all kinds of modules. The additional benefit over other traditional KD-xx types of Roland's stuff is you don't...
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    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    FS (US): ATV XD3 Drum Module I received this unit essentially brand new for the purpose of a bare bones module to gig with it, and have played it twice: I simply want a little more flexibility in the tweaking of the pads and cymbal parameters since I tend to be picky about my dynamics. Out of...
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    Paiste Sig crashes

    I would concur with these observations. I own 18, 19, 20" Signature Full Crashes and they are BEASTS of a cymbal and very musical.
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    Anyone had custom Sabians made

    I had a few custom Sabians made years before they offered the online custom configurator and officially labeled the service as Custom Shop. Sabian has AFAIK offered custom jobs forever. The online tool makes it easier to understand the various components and effects they have on the cymbal...
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    Yamaha Stage Custom Hip Kit

    Truth be told if I already didn't own a DW Frequent Flyer kit, which Snom aside, fits my needs as a portable kit, I'd would have picked up this Hip Kit.. I think it sounds great and is priced pretty decently. A drummer friend of mine who sometimes fills in for me in my cover band just got one...
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    Rosewood Snare Shootout!

    Always been a fan of Rosewood thanks for putting this up! All 3 are unique indeed. Other Rosewood snares I think would be comparable are Gretsch's as well as the limited edition Alex Van Halen Ludwig one.
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    How much spare gear do you bring to a gig?

    If you're like me with a more recent-ish model year car/SUV, I take advantage of the under-the-floor cargo bay organizer where the spare tire is usually. I keep a spare kick pedal, sticks, XLR cable or two, an LED flashlight, and a few felts/wingnuts/drum key/HH clutch and mini-Leatherman tool...
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    Killer deal on drum heads TODAY!!!

    Yeah, I believe this site is operated/owned by Long Island Drum Center in NY.. Dennis is real nice guy; I went there for a Todd Sucherman clinic last year and the whole operation is real stand up. Good people!
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    Tune-Bot your method

    Same here, I have Studio version. It's the best one they've made to date IMO. With the Hi Filter engaged I can get well past 400 Hz no problem. I usually leave all my snares-sides at 390-394 Hz anyways. My pro tip: On any drum and head, instead of a drumstick use a timpani mallet to gently...
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    I need that thick, deep, Nashville country music snare drum! What do I get?

    While on the subject, if anyone knows what snare drum the drummer from Old Dominion uses (I think he's a Yamaha artist but that doesn't mean anything) that thing is awesome. In any of their popular songs, I consider that a very nice country snare.. and it sounds like he might use that snare a...
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    RocknRoller carts

    Yup, same here with both. Have had the cart for what seems like 6 years so far and still going strong!
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    Evans ST Dry Snare Head

    You will not regret the UV2's.. I run them atop clear EC Reso's on my Ludwig CM's and they are simply the best.