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    Ludwig Breakbeats question

    Not that my little Gretsch kit isn't solid, but I in hindsight I think maybe I should have gotten the Yamaha, if for nothing else, I think that the accompanying hardware is probably a bit higher quality. I was torn between the birch and the mahogany of the Gretsch, although I doubt if the...
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    Peter Frampton on Drums!?!

    That outfit that Sheila E is wearing is borderline criminal - daaaaay-um!
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    James Brown in top shape, check out..

    I got into watching old James Brown live footage a couple of years back, and I was just floored by how tight that band was. James was a freakishly good performer and entertainer - he positively oozed charisma. I was blown away by their song transitions. They'd be cooking along, and all of a...
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    Top 20 Drum Fills from Rick Beato

    I took the time to check out this vid today - the problem with creating a top 20 list like that, is that it completely ignores so many genres and bands that are IMO just as deserving. I thought it was interesting that he included the fills before the choruses of "Rosanna" when IMO it's the...
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    Ludwig Breakbeats question

    In hindsight I wish I'd have gotten the Catalina with the 20" kick instead - the 18" gets it done, but it's lacking in bottom end.
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    Ludwig Breakbeats question

    My friend with the Breakbeats uses DW 9000 pedals - he's never mentioned anything about the drum riser being a problem. That's not to say that it hasn't been, but only to say that he's never commented on it.
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    Top 20 Drum Fills from Rick Beato

    I think that Rick Beato does some good stuff, and it's a good thing that he qualifies much of what he talks about as being only his personal opinion. Clearly, he's based his opinions around his experiences as a musician, educator, and producer, but even with that, his opinions are going to be...
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    Sticks slipping

    Interesting - do most drummers use grip enhancing products? I never have. Reading through this thread, I'm thinking maybe I should give it a shot.
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    Ludwig Breakbeats question

    I've been using a Gretsch Catalina Bop kit for a year or so - I picked it up as a means to have something smaller and more compact to transport so that I could have two kits for whatever situation, big and small, and so that I could keep one kit set up as a practice kit with another one in the...
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    Ludwig Breakbeats question

    A friend of mine uses a set of Breakbeats for non-jazz gigs, and he says he gets a lot of positive comments about how that kit sounds in the context of some of the stuff they play - they do mostly covers, so it includes stuff like Green Day.
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    Why aren't free-floating drum designs (like Guru or Sleishman) more popular?

    Winner winner, chicken dinner! Aside from that, how many times have we run across a really really nice set of drums that was just set up poorly, and therefore sounded terrible? Extra money and quality does not necessarily mean better sound. Then there's the aspect that drums get mixed into a...
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    Group Requires Mandatory Solo... Outro of You Don't Love Me by Allman Brothers

    Sure - I can understand that, and it's the same for me - I'll solo when I have to, but I prefer to leave it to those who enjoy it, and are typically better at it than me is all. I currently can't get to the Instagram post of your drum solo, but I hope it's going well.
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    Group Requires Mandatory Solo... Outro of You Don't Love Me by Allman Brothers

    I think maybe I'm the odd duck musician - I don't like to solo, and especially not on drums. It's just not my thing.
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    Never saw this before

    I'm not talking about the metal unit - I'm talking about plain old cross sticking on a metal snare hoop.
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    The future of guitars and amps (article).

    Manufacturing has gone through some serious leaps and bounds in the computer age, especially where CNC machining is concerned. When we went on the PRS factory tour, we stood there and watched the CNC machine make a guitar body from a piece of wood that had been fed in. No one touched a thing -...