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    First double bass pedal

    Don't buy into the mid tier levels if you already own a functioning pedal. Stick with yours and safe up so you don't have to buy another one for a long time.
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    Paiste Sig crashes

    Every cymbal I own atm is a Paiste Signature of some sort (except a PST splash). The Reflector and Fast Medium line is pretty loud, more than enough even for aggressive styles of music when miced. My favorite cymbal though is the 17" Dark Energy, which are the "better" thin option in the...
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    Evans UV2 living

    Yeah of course it feels different, that's the point of these heads, providing a new kind of treatment that makes the coating much more durable. Everything else is up to personal preference.
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    Sonor Snare Porn

    Nice, not too far off my setup: Powerslave 20" Thin China 18" & 20" Fast Medium 16" & 19" Heavy Reflector 17" Dark Energy (the better Fast Crashes imho)
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    World's first seamless spun aluminum drum sets

    I'm sure it's an excellent video of an excellent player with an excellent kit. But he had the logo on the snare upside down, so I couldn't watch it.
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    Sonor Snare Porn

    What cymbals exactly? Great set!
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    When I read your first post I was about to say: When you buy into the DE line, get the 15" hats and the 17" crash! The best cymbals in the line and some of the best Paiste currently offers imho. I missed some used 13" DE hats for a good price a couple days ago by an hour or two :/
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    K Sweets or HHX Complex Pack?

    Get the Sabian's if they're your only set of cymbals, they cover a lot of ground. The Complex packs are a steal (at least in Europe) and for me, right now, the bigger set with the 15" hats is the only thing that could get me away from Paiste.
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    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    It is very efficient indeed, I like to sit "in" my drum set as much as possible. That being said, the 8" tom to my right is there just because I have it and the stand gives me the opportunity to hang it :D I don't use it except for some warm up runs over the toms. The idea with the lefty pedal...
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    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    A new cymbal and a new side snare made me remodel my kit, this is the current setup.
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    Yes, his main residence is in Florida. He's a senior and loves golfing. I heard that's kinda your vibe over there ;)
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    He was again for a couple years after Premier went down and is now with BDC.
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    They were mentioned by me pretty early on ;) And for everyone who wants to listen to Premier: Just get any 90s or early 2000s Iron Maiden record.
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    Would: DS Drum, Tama, Sonor Wouldn't: DW, Ddrum, SJC
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    Single microphone or EAD10?

    Thanks for all your answers and tips! What do you consider a very large kit? How far of has a tom/cymbal to be in order to be "overheard" by the EAD10 mics?