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    New Brand Pedals, LASER Triggers + More

    KA Pedals Available from Video Here AXIS -Type Trigger Available from Video Example here LASER Trigger available from Laser...
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    Is this 'cheating' or awesome? So these look interesting. Triggers are one thing, but these turn kick drums and beaters into ornaments. No beater inertia or batter-head, just your foot and a spring. Thoughts?
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    Pearl Demonator Off-Set Double Kick Pedals

    I recently tried a set of double Demonators at a local music center and after examining the pedals makeup decided that it was possible to make an Off-Set type pedal with a pair (two sets) of Demonator doubles. The Demonators are pretty good value by themselves - longboards (not Axis longboard...
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    New Sliding Flip Flops doubles foot technique

    Saw this and had to share. I have to listen to it without video a few times to appreciate the speed, if I watched it I become transfixed with the pedal mods and footwear. I can't tell how fast he's going, maybe near to 300bpm? I had been practising...