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    Transforming Budget cymbals

    Yeah, i know this should in the cymbal mods thread, but i figured it would get more attention here as it's pretty quiet up there. Anyway, I want trashy cymbals but i'm on a budget. Constant gigging in my band means everything gets wrecked at some point or another. I was thinking of picking...
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    So, I'm going stateside tomorrow..

    New York, to be a little bit more precise. It's a last minute thing and both business and pleasure, so i'll have some free time. I'm only gonna be there for 4 days, anyone want to recommend anything I should do?
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    Taylor Hawkins

    Ok, So I couldn't find a thread on the man behind the Foos. Anyway, I was amazed recently to discover he moved from Tama to Gretsch drums. I thought it was a little odd, considering Gretsch arent usually associated with hard rock, especially when you consider their high end range is generally...
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    Pic of yourself

    That chin could destroy nations. I'm squinting at it's sheer power.