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    Beginning drumming...were you supported or not supported

    When I was three years old, I lost my wonderful father to a massive heart attack while he was behind the wheel of the tractor-trailer he drove for a trucking company out of Georgia. I first learned to play drums at a very early age - around 6, if that's considered early, and I learned from the...
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    See See Rider (Elvis Presley) drum cover

    Not bad. Not perfect but.....not awful either.
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    13-piece Tama 80's kit

    OMG!!!! :eek: It's a dream of mine to own a kit like that.....except, I want to recreate down to the last detail the gorgeous blue sparkle Ludwig double-kick (with concert toms) kit that my drumming idol, Ronnie Tutt, used from the Fall of 1970 to around the same time frame in '74 when he...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    With this having been the 50th anniversary of what became Elvis Presley's 32nd film, "Elvis: That's The Way It Is", I'm listening to the rehearsals that led up to those performances that were filmed & recorded from August 10-13, 1970. The rehearsals ran from July 14, 1970 to August 10, 1970...
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    New to me Ludwigs

    Beautiful kit!!!
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    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    I don't use anything but Pro-Mark sticks (7A - New Generation II) because they are light in my hands when I'm playing and I can move around my drum kit pretty well. (I know that sounded like a really, really dumb answer but......I don't know how to answer questions like these)...
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    Concert toms

    Personally, I think that concert toms look flippin' cool and I would love to have a set that had them.....particularly, a replica of the blue sparkle Ludwig kit (with concert toms) that the legendary Ronnie Tutt used from around September, 1970 to the same time period in '74 before he switched...
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    Snom drum??

    Personally, I'm not fond of the "Snom" drums. If I wanted another floor tom, that's what I'd use them for.....just my opinion, of course.
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    Fantasy Gigs

    I would love to be in the 1970-1973 era of Elvis Presley's touring band and be Ronnie Tutt. After '73, though, things started sliding downhill......:(
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    Cleaner Forum without Google ads...

    It's definitely a lot friendlier and I like the new "look" to the forums, Bernhard! Great job!
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    Pearl vs. DW Drums Which do you prefer?

    Big DW fan here (and not because my all-time favorite drummer, Ronnie Tutt, plays them). The DW's just seem to have a lot more "punch" to them than Pearl. I don't know why that is but, that's one of the reasons I like DW.
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    Keeping Time with your left foot. Why?

    I've been playing drums since I was around 7 or 8 but I've never been able to use my left foot & my right foot together. I guess it's mostly due to having mild Cerebral Palsy - but the latter (keeping time with my left foot) is something I've tried and I just can't do it.
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    Ronnie Tutt - HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Elvis's former and Neil Diamond's current(?) drummer is 80 today!!! Although he's probably more "known" as "Elvis's drummer" I'm sure he has fans out there who know that he's worked with Neil since 1981. Happy birthday, Ronnie! May it be an awesome day for you!! (I know he won't read...
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    Avery Molek - Awesome 11-year-old drummer from PA??

    I know he's just a kid but has anybody here heard of Avery Molek, the 11-year-old drummer from Pennsylvania???? I've known about him since first seeing him with Brad Paisley on "GMA" (via YouTube) and I've followed his progress and this kid is absolutely more amazing every time I hear him & he...
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    My Goal To Pursue: Put Together A Ron Tutt Ludwig Kit But...

    ....I need some ideas on how much space I'll need for it. I know a couple of players who have built their own kits from stuff bought off of Ebay or from drum stores (Brad Swiger & Udo Masshoff - they're both FB friends of mine) and I'm badly wanting to replicate their setup - but I am going to...