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    If you could go back in a Time Machine, who would you want to see live?

    Billy with Mahavishnu Chester with Zappa and Weather Report Buddy Jack with Miles Tony with Miles Tony with McLaughlin and Young Lenny with Return To Forever Pierre with Focus
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    Genesis “The Last Domino” 2021 Tour

    I feel that he should have made amends with Chester and included him on this tour.
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    Gear red flag.

    During the 80s, when answering musicians wanted ads, the Rockers would ask "Do you have hair?".
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    Bass Drum Batter/Reso Combos better than mix and match?

    However, I wont be using a ported batter any time soon!
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    Gear red flag.

    Ha! It's what they do with the equipment that counts. Good luck auditioning
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    Sweetwater has never let me down...until today

    Being a Diabetic myself, I always appreciate the bag of sweets Sweetwater provides. They come in handy whenever I experience low blood sugar episodes which force me to lay on the couch and have some candy. I keep a stash of Smartees at home for these wretched episodes. My wife has a sweet tooth...
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    What do you think of the Dave Grohl-Nandi Bushell drum battle?

    Gimme Marvin "Smitty" Smith vs Steve Smith.
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    When can you call yourself a drummer?

    And furthermore... How's your reading? Are you breathing okay?
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    When can you call yourself a drummer?

    I think of myself as a musician who plays drums. Please let me elaborate... It isn't just someone who can keep a beat. If that's all you do, you run the risk of being a polite bore. Depending on the song / band ; are you locking in with the bassist? Are you making your bandmates comfortable...
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    Lug Splay on New Black Beauty Snare

    Send it back and get yourself a nice DW Collectors Bell Brass and revel in the superior construction and sound!
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    For drummers of a certain age.

    Where's your Roc N Soc nitro commode?
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    new drummer

    Welcome, fellow Ludwig drummer! This is THE best drummer website to be a part of! Cheers!
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    new drummer

    I was an astronaut. I took up space.
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    Gong Hi Hats

    I love his videos but I prefer the gongs vertically. Sorry!
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    Is this necessary?

    I make my own out of old 10 mil drumheads. Put double-back carpet tape on the head. Cut out squares or circles and you're good to go. I usually use 3 pieces as that helps to accent the attack.