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    Should I memorize each solo as I go through Wilcoxon's All American book?

    Memorization isn't really a must. When I go through Stick Control I can tell what the next exercise will be as I view it. That applies to Swing Solos, too. You may memorize certain exercises / patterns more than others. That's fine.
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    Mapex Armory tuning problem

    +1 For the Tune-Bot.
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    The Orlando Drummer: Why I Hate 12 Inch Rack Toms

    I play, on the home set, 10,12,13,14,15" toms and a 16 and 18" floor toms. I use clear Remo Ambassadors, top and bottom. Both heads are tuned medium low, both heads same pitch. I've never had a problem with any size.
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    Jazz drumming: thinking vs feeling

    Steve Holmes, in one of his many great lessons, mentioned "Getting something from technical exercise to musical phrase." You should be able to execute ideas with your technique.
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    Noble and Cooley SS snare w no re rings

    I don't think that thick of a shell really needs reinforcement rings unless it was made of balsa wood.
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    Limited Edition Tama SLP Snare Drums!

    Absolutely beautiful! I couldn't like one more than the other.
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    The pompatus of love

    Not in my Webster's New Century Dictionary.
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    Jazz drumming: thinking vs feeling

    You nailed it!
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    Stack or Aux Hats Location

    Right between the 8" and !0" so I can get at it with both hands without crossing over. Just my $0.02.
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    Getting "that" snare sound

    All my pitches are written down, for both heads. TuneBot for sure!
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    Jazz drumming: thinking vs feeling

    My pleasure, Dude!
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    Jazz drumming: thinking vs feeling

    Jack DeJohnette said it best... "You're not thinking 5 stroke roll or whatever. You should be on automatic pilot so that your technique and your emotions come together in that one moment."
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    Show us your SEVEN piece kits

    She's a beauty!
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    Discussion: Worst song you've played

    SHIT LIST In The Year 2525 Satin Doll Sunny Mack The Knife (UGH!) All Of Me Girl From Ipanema Bad Bad Leroy Brown Feelings You Sexy Thing You Should Be Dancing You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (Barfing) You Can Ring My Bell Disco Duck
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    Drummer's curse

    The EGO quotient is off the charts. too! I gigged in one Blues band for less than a year and that was too much for me. I met too many rank musicians who thought they were the shit! Musicially, never has so little been done by so many. The attitude towards drummers was demeaning. "Anybody can...