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    I saw my first black bear today

    Better he runs away from you. Be careful, A J !
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    Age old question: How to prevent the kick drum/hi hat from sliding away

    I just bring a rug. Problem solved. It's nice that my hi hat and bass pedals have adjustable spikes in the 21st century!
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    Three or Four Hours

    I'm with lefty2 100 percent. Be careful out there... The covid variant is becoming a problem. A communal-type gathering with a shared bong? No thanks.
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    The best bass drum sound!

    I've recently heard a live Gateway performance from the 70's on Youtube. Not the best recording quality, but the two basses are clearly audible.
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    Stolen Drums

    Do you have any children named Pearl?
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    Stolen Drums

    Was the side of the road by a house? Was it bulk and metal pick-up? If not, I suspect a wife / girlfriend, or both. No rude boy to ya, mon!
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    A small (or not?) damage on the edge a ride cymbal

    Man, if that guitar could talk!
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    Its Hot!

    It's hotter than a boner in a monastery today! It's hotter than Bill Clintons little black book. And the haze in the air from the wildfires stinks. Nice reddish-orange moons at night, though. Not being rude to you ever!
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    Its Hot!

    Keep yourself hydrated. Not booze if you're outdoors! Not being rude.
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    A small (or not?) damage on the edge a ride cymbal

    Hello orash! Welcome aboard! This is THE drummers forum, second to none. Just my two cents....I don't like that dented edge at all. Looks like some abuse to me; something that could very well become a crack in due time. I'd get an exchange. Once again, welcome!
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    2 DW5000 chain drives Yamaha double pedal for electric kit and gigs
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    Yikes...Joey Jordison passed away...

    I'm shocked. I'll be following this to find out if his condition was the cause of his death. R.I.P. Joey...
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    Double pedal for a bebopper?

    Nothing is off-limits. Rules are meant to be broken. By all means, get your double pedal and spend time with it! You can always provide the 2 and 4 hihat for those who want / need it. Solos, and trading 4s and 8s are all yours to elaborate on and shine. Who knows? You may come up with something...
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    The best bass drum sound!

    My goofs really-LIVE-Saw him at Monmouth University in West Long Branch back in the mid-90's playing with Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny, Dave Holland, and, shame on me, the pianist whose name I've forgotten. Not Herbie. And there it was, in all its glory; that beautiful, open bass drum sound. His...
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    Tone/pitch device?

    Tune Bot and keyboard for me. All the notes and hz numbers are written down in a little book. Wish I had perfect pitch.