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    Do bands always have their best material behind them?

    Subjective. The Stones? The Who? Seemingly so. Bands like Spoon, QOTSA and endless others are still growing, expanding and topping themselves.

    Is a PDP 5-peice birch any good?

    Good deal and those cymbals sound good, too.

    What are you listening to right now?

    My spins today: Ringo & Moonie.

    What Artist did you worship, but no longer listen too?

    I still listen to old music much more than new. My interests in art seem to lean retro. However, in response to your question, there are bands that I had a "leaping off" point. The Stones output for me passed Tattoo You is worthless, save Keef's solo stuff. I bid farewell to Genesis after...

    Killer Bands: Gone But Not Forgotten!

    I thought they were terrific. First 2 albums are monsters!

    Whats the bEst way to learn a complicated pattern?

    Play each part one at a time. Then add the next note, etc. Get muscle memory working and the hearing of the pattern down piece by piece.

    Gregg Potter Interview

    Gregg is the drummer for the Buddy Rich Big Band. Not an easy throne to sit in. Here's an interview I did with him back in 2014. Enjoy.

    Need advice

    If you are starting out, there are terrific low price entries from all major brands. Research the web. Visit local music stores. Book lessons with a good teacher.

    Touch up paint for Sonor Champagne Sparkle?

    If you know any reputable collision repair people they might be able to help.
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    4 piece kit........

    Depends on room & music. Big rock show, 5 piece. Small room, 4 piece jazz kit. I dislike loading in & out so much, I smile when I'm packing snare, bass, hi-hat and ride/crash.
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    Show off your TAMA !

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    What are you listening to right now?

    My bandmate turned me on to this today. Fun listen for a Zappa nut. Aynsley Dunbar killin' it. On "Peaches En Regalia" he lays a funk groove, plays behind the beat a bit, and adds a whole new dimension to a classic tune. The version of "King Kong" is epic.
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    Best music documentaries

    Great drummer books I recommend: Buddy Rich One of a Kind by Pelle Berglund. Moon by Tony Fletcher. Hellraiser: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Drummer by Ginger Baker.
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    So slight issue with left wrist.

    The older we get, the more important thorough stretching becomes before playing. Extend fingers. Hold sticks across in both hands and move wrists up and down. Then, while still holding sticks in fists, twist arms to where you feel stretch in your neck and shoulders.
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    Best music documentaries

    Check out Levon Helm's "This Wheel's On Fire."