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    Afro-Cuban 9/8 ?

    Those examples are demonstrating the actual played rhythms of some possible swing interpretations-- but those rhythms are still considered to be swing 8th notes, and the time signature 4/4. A tune is only 15/8 if it was written or arranged in 15/8, or if the players agreed to play it in 15/8...
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    Afro-Cuban 9/8 ?

    Jazz is ordinarily written and played in 4/4, with the players giving it a swing interpretation-- the interpretation is usually only written out as triplets or sometimes 12/8 when writing drum patterns. The triplets or compound 8ths are incidental-- they just happen to line up with the swing...
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    Afro-Cuban 9/8 ?

    I've written several pages of stuff exploring this type of groove-- all it means is we're adapting a common groove to play it in 3. 9/8 = compound 3. I've also written a version of it in 5-- 15/8. Both common meters for North American jazz musicians. As far as I know there's no precedent for it...
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    Applying Drumming Patterns to Ted Reed book Combo Syncopation & Rolls

    I suppose it depends, if you want to work on something missing from those other books, or if it's easier to practice them written another way, then it's useful. If you just want more patterns-- idk, you might as well look up the guy who generated all possible 12 and 16 note RL sticking...
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    If you could only recommend three instructional books, what would they be?

    I still use it, mainly because there aren't many good basic rock/funk books. A lot of it's pretty dated as playing vocabulary-- increasingly I just treat it as Stick Control for funk-type playing-- conditioning exercises....
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    Feathering The Bass Drum - Drum Lesson With John Riley

    Great video, it's all true. I think what hangs me up-- and it's certainly not Riley's fault-- is just the way ideas get packaged, and the way people use videos. Once something has a name, it becomes the one thing a lot of people know about how to play a type of music, and the one thing they work...
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    Help with stick control again

    What you're doing in the video looks fine, just try to play the second note of the doubles stronger, don't just bounce them. That's the entire reason for practicing doubles. Keep your back fingers on the stick all the time— in the video on post #30 you're just bouncing the doubles and your back...
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    Help with stick control again

    It's pretty straightforward. Open rolls are notated as a rhythm, usually 16th notes or 16th note tuplets, with the doubles written out-- RRLLRRLL. He writes closed rolls with conventional roll notation-- a larger note value with the three slashes. The sticking indicates multiple bounce...
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    Help with stick control again

    Sure you'll understand it. You're playing C, and the basic rhythmic outline is correct. The only difference between the exercises is the kind of stroke you play on the roll portion. A = double strokes B = multiple bounce strokes C = multiple bounce strokes, but the last note of the quintuplet...
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    Ambassador coated vs controlled sound black dot

    I like the Black Dots for a certain thing-- I have one on my bass drum right now. It hasn't been a popular sound for a long time-- there's a little bit of that Phil Collins concert tom thing happening, even on regular drums. Or maybe Billy Cobham. It's a live, aggressive, not real pretty...
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    Where can I listen to online radio?

    Try, great jazz station in Portland.
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    Crash/Ride Cymbals ?

    It is a particular design, so they do crash differently than a regular crashable ride, and ride differently than a rideable crash. Maybe it used to be a more desirable model name, like “left side ride” is today.
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    Queit good ride cymbal

    I guess I don't understand the reasoning for using an arbitrary, non-musical definition of quiet to describe a musical instrument. Leaving aside that the instrument is only as loud as you play it. Like I have a couple of dozen cymbals here in my studio making no sound at all right now.
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    Drumming Patterns: The Components of Rhythm & Technique

    That Drumming In All Directions looks like an interesting book. Looking at the sample pages, it's all normal stuff he's doing there, but he's kind of made it needlessly difficult-- to me. I'm writing some comments on it on my site. I'll post a link when that's done.
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    Exercise and Your Internal Clock

    That's what screws a lot of people up-- certain stick heights at certain speeds are not naturally real comfortable to play. People tend to want to keep the stick in motion, so they'll play higher on slower strokes. It's a key thing for getting control of both dynamics and tempo.