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    How to notate hitting a drum with two sticks at the same time (NOT a flam)?

    What sticking do I use on the the non-both hands notes? This doesn't tell me. I would probably write a separate example with just the hands, explaining what's happening. I might give the snare drum played as a ride its own line on the staff. You could just write it as a normal cymbal part, and...
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    Two new books on George Lawrence Stone

    I look forward to checking it out-- your and Ed's recommendations are enough for me.
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    Two new books on George Lawrence Stone

    Ugh, what a turn-off title. I just bought it, but jeez.
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    Dark 18 Crash

    I have a couple of 17s for sale that fill that bill-- check out the first two at the top of the page. It's a clean dark sound-- no overly trashy, exotic, metallic elements. They're Cymbal & Gong, Holy Grail series. Hand made in Turkey, modeled after the Istanbul K Zildjians.
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    20" Kick no power

    CS Black Dot on the batter side, clear/ebony/? Ambassador on the front, no muffling whatsoever. Maybe adjust your pedal to lengthen the stroke. Adjust your technique-- high velocity stroke, letting the beater come back all the way.
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    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    It is actually a job for some people. They have bills to pay and families to support just like everyone else.
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    hinger technique?

    About that ride cymbal exercise-- don't sweat the exact technique too much. It's not a high performance technique where you're going to fail if you don't do it right. It's more about finding a personal touch on the cymbal, with some grace to it-- it least that's what I did it, and teach it for...
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    Show us that one cymbal you just couldn’t live without

    I expect they will continue dealing in limited quantities, unless some fairy godmother takes an interest and capitalizes them for a few million $. I'm helping them get set up for distribution in Europe, but that's on hold now, obviously. I'm just loving playing them, and getting them to people...
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    hinger technique?

    Nice, thanks for the information.
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    hinger technique?

    A Hinger-style timpani stroke, I guess. At USC I knew a great drummer named Jeff Falcone-- he was another student, who had studied with Soph. He told us about an exercise of Soph's, which involved timpani-like strokes, with a lot of lift. Basically a jazz cymbal rhythm @ ~40 bpm, with full...
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    Show us that one cymbal you just couldn’t live without

    Well, now it's this one. I just got it recently, but it's the best 20" jazz ride I've ever owned. True traditional sound and usable in 90% of situations I play in, handles exactly the way I want it to.
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    Drum Talk | Cruise Ship Drumming - A Career at Sea

    Good interview. That's about the size of it. The last arena where you can actually go out and work as a musician, and get paid like a normal job, where it's easy to get in. He made a good point that nobody shows up knowing what to do on those things-- you learn it on the job. That 9 month...
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    I love Elvin's playing (mods, please delete me)

    A friend once said “There are some people you don't get to not like.” ...a pianist we know said he wasn't into Chick. It's just kind of clueless. In Elvin's case it just says “I am not a serious listener and I know very little about the drums.”
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    Two new books on George Lawrence Stone

    My reviews of these books are on my site. Technique of Percussion is great-- anybody teaching, or in concert percussion especially should get it. Drum Lessons with GL Stone is mostly a studio companion to TOP.
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    Partido Alto example by Goran Rista

    Samba Reggae is a Brazilian style