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    He definitely sounds 98% as good as anyone else doing this kind of playing.
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    How do you clean your hardware?

    I might have cleaned a piece of hardware once in my life, probably used Formula 409 or something. Maybe used some Simple Green on a super funky bass drum pedal once.
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    Al Jackson Jr 18" Ride

    Who knows what the exact cymbal is, or if you can even duplicate it by buying the same brand/model. Used Zildjians are cheap enough that you try several until you find something you like. I'd be looking at medium rides, light rides, and crash-rides. Maybe the old medium-heavy, if you can find...
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    Lost some precious stuff.

    Any developments here? Did you get any of your stuff back?
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    Nice drum, did you buy it? He's often at American Music in Seattle-- you could also call him up and ask for one with a different strainer. He's a great drummer, too. Some years ago he told me he was playing a solo of mine for anyone who would listen, which was cool of him.
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    What about Birch? Who make the best birch kits?

    Yamaha Recording Customs are great. I've played some fairly battered sets that were still super easy to get a sound with
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    Soultone Vintage Old School 1964

    Yeah, the domain reg lapsed about a week ago, because the renew notices were going to spam. It should be back up today or tomorrow.
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    Soultone Vintage Old School 1964

    Well, the truest 50s/60s sound I know of are Cymbal & Gong... which I happen to sell. They're manufactured in Turkey to traditional specifications. Basically a Portland drummer took some old cymbals to Turkey, found some great smiths, and had them copy them-- he had to talk them into it...
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    Let's Discuss Sticking Methods

    In marching band and corps uniformity is important, and also rehearsal/practice time has to be budgeted-- so if you're the one person doing something the smart way, but everyone else already knows how to do it the dumb way, the dumb way is probably going to win, just so everyone doesn't have to...
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    If you don't want to make a living, play this style ;)

    You could also say I have a net worth of $5-6 million (approx., not verified) at the age of . Why not. Savvy move putting NOT VERIFIED on there, preserving the good name of as a valued resource.
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    Letting the Stick Rest on the Snare After a Stroke

    Right, pressing the stick into the head and not letting it buzz or rebound is called a dead stroke. It's sort of an old school way of playing rim shots. There's no reason not to do it if somebody likes the way it sounds or feels. There aren't too many uses for the technique outside of rim...
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    What Recorded Snare Sound Do You Like?

    I use different drums and tune my drums differently-- and play differently-- depending on the situation. I just have a variety of sounds in my ear that I play off of. Like Joey Baron's deep sound circa 1990, or Paul Motian's, which is also kind of a big sound; or Dejohnette's which is very dry...
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    Keeping your motivation - Keeping a log to appreciate the process?

    Realistically, what you are seeing is not "kids doing better than grown men with 45 yrs experience." You are seeing kids who learned someone else's "part" to a song, and then practiced it a lot. Some may be exceptionally talented, many are not. They may be good at practicing and learning other...
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    Female Drummers

    I accompanied the headliner at the world harp conference in Tacoma some years ago, and the other performer on that concert was I believe a Venezuelan male harpist with a killer Latin rhythm section. Apparently it's a thing in South America, and many or most of the players are men.
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    Hand-hammering and re-creating cymbals

    Sorry to hear that, RIP. You have to grab these cymbals while you can, people! Some of the best and most unique instruments are made by these small makers, and they can go away at any time. Hint hint. People die, they get sick, they decide it isn't economically feasible to continue, all sorts of...