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    Drumming quietly to hear the singer

    I'll preface this by saying this stemmed from an argument I got into on a different message board. Basically it got brought up that my band has trouble hearing our singer during band practices. I stated that this was due to us practicing in a very live room and an underpowered PA. However, I...
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    Tips for faster setup/teardown times

    I wanted to see if you all had some tips or advice on getting your kit set up faster when playing a gig. Obviously downsizing your kit would be the best way to reduce time, but that isn't an option for me. I'm looking along the lines of things like if you have used those snap on cymbal nuts...
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    Pro Mark Praise

    I just wanted to share my experience with Pro Mark recently. I have been using their sticks for a number of years now. (Shira Kashi Oak 5B Nylon Tip.) They feel great and have always been very durable. I must have either had some bad luck or just a bad batch of sticks recently because I was...
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    Bell hole cracks after only 5 months

    I noticed the other day that my Paiste 2002 crash had developed some cracks around the bell hole. Obviously I was very upset, this cymbal was purchased in December, I had new cymbal sleeve on the stand, I didn't abuse the cymbal at all. I am also angry because I just spent a few hundred...
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    Has the rising cost of drum equipment affected you

    I have really noticed lately that a lot of the stuff I used to purchase for my drums has gone up significantly in price. The sticks I use are now about $12, they used to be around $8, heads are now easily $15 each. It has really started to affect me. I used to change my snare head before...
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    How much does the casual fan notice mistakes

    So my band had a gig last night and I was having an off night. I dropped a stick and sorta fumbled with grabbing it right before the chorus of one of our songs. Also just the whole set I didn't really feel locked in like I usually do. Of course my band mates noticed right away when I dropped...
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    When should you stop taking lessons

    I took lessons my first 2 years of drumming and then stopped due to going to college, I have been playing for 7 total though. Recently I decided to start taking lessons again, but I'm not sure if I want to stick with them. I'm not saying I'm a prefect drummer, far from it, and there is still a...
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    Denting heads

    I seem to be denting my heads a lot recently. What is causing this? Am I hitting too hard, having them tuned to low, or high?
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    Exercises to make your arms less tired?

    The last month or so my arms have been getting really tired while playing. I can only make it through maybe 2 fairly demanding songs before I have to take a break for a few minutes. Is there some exercise like push ups or lat pulls that could help to make my arms less tired. Do I even need to...
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    Snare sound help

    After I changed the reso head on my snare and put the wires back on the drum has now lost some of the snare sound. It sounds like if the snare wires were off, with just a little bit of the wire sound coming through. I've tried adjusting the wires, adjusting how tight I have them but nothing...
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    Should I keep my drum teaching job?

    I teach drums and guitar at a small private school. It's been a great job, I work only one day a week, it pays $90 per student per quarter, and I get to use the band room for practice anytime I want. The reason I am considering quitting is because I don't really like teaching. For one there...
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    Pork Pie throne

    I was thinking about finally getting a nice throne. But are these really $175 nice? I've sat on them before but never actually played while sitting on it, not more than a few minutes in the store anyways. My throne now isn't bad, but I feel like getting a throne with a lot of support will...
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    Pro-Mark quality?

    Has anyone noticed a decline in the quality of Pro-Mark sticks. I've been using the same sticks for years (the japan oak) and I bought them mainly because they were very durable. But my last couple pairs have broken very quickly though. I've had tips split on nearly all of my recent pairs...
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    Breaking stick tips

    It seems like recently I have been breaking a lot of tips on my sticks. I use Pro Mark Japan Oak, 5B wood tip sticks. The sticks are very durable usually which is why I have stuck with them. So is this probably bad technique, or just some bad luck with the sticks. I've even thought about...
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    Would you move to play drums?

    I live in an apartment and obviously cannot play my drums there. The only time I get to play them is at the school where I teach lessons. It's a 40 min drive to the school, and I only teach lessons once a week, and I only get maybe an hour or two of practice time before I have to leave...