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    Advice about a practice setup

    The low tones travel the most. I was using a wooden box for a kick. I made a box the size and shape of a cajon, with thin plywood on the kick surface, and taped a folded towel over where the beater hits. That was a lot quieter, and couldn't be heard by the neighbours. Now I just use my kick...
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    Drummer's curse

    8x10 bass cabinets in small rooms.
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    Dominant side (way) slower than non-dominant with singles

    Is it possible one hand has just taken more abuse and developed more muscle so the other hand is more flexible, and less musclebound? That sounds like the grip advocated in Moeller's book. As I get older, my fingers are starting to seize up so I try to use nothing but that grip. I'm hoping it...
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    New Drummerworld Group on Facebook...

    Yeah... I'm not a big fan of anti-social media. I can be anti-social on my own.
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    If you could only recommend three instructional books, what would they be?

    What, no votes for Realistic Rock? (Just joking. I don't know why people hate that book so much.)
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    Why should I practice things that I would never play on a gig?

    That's what I did. I'm no virtuoso, so most of the systems in the book are beyond my ability. I just worked through the book with a few systems that I actually use, and that was very beneficial. As brentcn said,
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    Jazz tuning Phase 3 - 4 piece kit tuned high

    I think I've been avoiding the fact that I probably bought the wrong kit. I wanted a small Jazz kit for portability, but I've never really settled into using 12" and 14" toms. I can't widen the interval too much without messing up the timbre. I don't want a rack tom that sounds like a bongo...
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    Jazz tuning Phase 3 - 4 piece kit tuned high

    I've also been playing around with pitched heads since buying my Tune-bot. In my case, I couldn't tune worth beans before buying it. Now, I'm trying to settle on a set of pitches so that I can retune my kit quickly. I figure that once my pitches are sorted out, I won't need to think about it...
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    What is there to even play on a drum set?

    I don't know much about drumming but, at a certain point, even I had to start trimming the tree to get things under control. If I try to learn everything, I end up never really learning anything. There's something to be said for narrowing one's focus a bit. I wasted a lot of time studying...
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    Looking to hear about people’s experiences with Great Hands for a Lifetime

    A drum teacher cured that problem for me in about two minutes. He explained that I needed to keep my grip relaxed, but have as much skin contact with the sticks as possible. He realized my sticks were only touching my paws in a few spots. I changed my grip only slightly, so I had a softer...
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    Drumming Rudiments Technique Help?

    I don't think you'll ever get a definitive answer to that question. If you're unsure, I'd suggest you practice everything at three tempos. Start four clicks (four standard metronome settings, not 4 bpm) below your comfortable tempo and play with exaggerated motion. Then play at your...
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    New to Drumming: NewB Questions.

    Once you learn how to play, who will you be playing with? Most likely, it won't be a bunch of virtuosos. So focus on keeping a good steady beat and sounding good. Forget about the OCD rudimental stuff, forget about double-kick, forget about blazing speed, and just get good at playing a groove...
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    New to Drumming: NewB Questions.

    Volume = Fatigue. If you're practicing paradiddles for half an hour on a wide open snare, you'll be a lot more tired than if you use a practice pad.
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    Use a remote/cable high hat? I have questions...

    Just curious - I use a standard HH stand, and I feel like I need something with a quicker response. Don't you guys find the remote HH too sluggish in its response, or the is the difference not substantial?
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    How Do You Read These Notes?

    What throws me off is four eighth notes tied together to make a half note. Hate that. Who writes drumkit scores like that? We all think in terms of quarter notes, don't we?