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    What's this gadget called?

    A few weeks ago I was playing at an open jam, and the drum kit had a little electronic metronome-type gadget velcro'd to the snare drum head that had a readout telling me my BPM as I played (I guess based on snare hits). I found it really helpful, because I have a tendency to rush. Anyone know...
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    Is there a tool for this?

    I have trouble sometimes getting the wing nuts on my tom brackets tight enough to keep the toms rotated correctly (so they're not resting on the kick), and if I CAN get them tight enough, I have trouble loosening them for disassembly. The old "use a pair of sticks as a wrench" trick doesn't...
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    Loose down tube

    Let me start by saying this is only the second acoustic kit I've ever owned (the first was a Pearl Rhythm Traveler bought new), so I'm not a hardware expert. I have a used Gretsch Catalina Birch kit that I picked up from a pawn shop. Good thing I got a deal on it, because some of the hardware...