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    Ofri Nehemya

    Cool! I got turned onto Ofri on a flight to Hong Kong, where the seatback entertainment system had Omer Avital's Abutbul Music in its jazz collection. I bought the album while still on my trip, and when I got home I looked up the drummer and found this. He's a great drummer, and I really like...
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    Mapex Saturn Evolution.... new twist!

    Agreed. In fact, I posted this back in 2018, and I still feel the same way about it. So here it is again: "... it looks like Homer Simpson making a fist while wearing one of those weird multi-finger rings"
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    Mapex Saturn Evolution.... new twist!

    I don't like how the new Halo mount necessitates putting the badge lower on the shell, which is especially noticeable on the 10" tom. Badges should be mid-shell or slightly higher than the midpoint, otherwise it looks like a design fail.
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    I’m revising my list then. Would: Gretsch (Renown and up), Sonor (SQ1 and up), Tama (Star Walnut or Maple), Yamaha (TC or RC, unless I needed a beater kit, then SC). Maybe: Anything else from a major brand, but the least likely would be DW or Pearl Would Not: Hello Kitty, First Act, CB-700...
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    Shouldn’t there be a stipulation to only include major/mainstream brands that offer at least some “nice” drums? That’s how I took it, because I think it goes without saying that few here would consider a CB-700, a Hello Kitty kit or whatever.
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    I was going to, but then it'd be copying you and Treverer.
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    Would: 1. Gretsch; 2. Sonor; 3. Tamaha (I'm torn between these two :)) Would not: 1. DW; 2. Pearl; 3. any idiotic kit with super long bass drums, ultra wide bass hoops, stupid-looking lugs, etc.
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    Why So Many DW B-Stock Brass Collector Snares Now On Sale?

    As long as it comes with a really buff roadie and a snare stand built like a tank to accommodate all that weight. Actually, how much would a 1” metal snare weigh? A Tama 6.5x14” bell brass snare weighs 18 lbs. with its 3 mm shell. If 1” equals 25 mm, then a 1” thick shell is over 8x thicker...
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    Why So Many DW B-Stock Brass Collector Snares Now On Sale?

    1” shells? What snare are you referring to? I’ve never even heard of a metal drum of any sort with a 1-inch thick shell. That would probably weigh as much as my first car! (exaggerating of course, but only slightly)
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    Silent sticks for edrums

    I have no idea how well these would work on an e-kit, or even if they'd reduce the volume. But it may be something worth looking into.
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    What’s the best song of 1985?

    Everybody Wants to Rule the World gets my vote. Great song and cool drum groove. I am a bit biased though, since I was in a Tears for Fears tribute band for like 5 or 6 years.
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    Remo Bass Head Comparison

    Oh cool! That was a great comparison video. Clearly I liked the smooth white Emperors the best. In fact, I had been contemplating upgrading that kit (a Renown) to a Brooklyn, but now I like the sound so much better, I'm definitely keeping these. BTW, which heads from your video did you like the...
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    13'' K Custom Dark hi hats or 13''K Hi hats

    I haven’t played the 13” versions of either, but I have played 14” versions of both. In fact I own a pair of 14” K hats. I find they offer a lot of clarity and cut without being harsh, while the 14” K Custom Dark hats had a much mellower sound that I didn’t particularly care for. I imagine the...
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    Anyone have any good soft cases for drum set stories to tell?

    Sure thing, Lord Vater. Wasn't trying to give you the heebie-jeebies. On a completely unrelated note, there's nothing quite as scary as a hidden gator, don't ya think?