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    Jeff Porcaro on Low Down

    The best feel
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    Tama Star Walnut for sale at low price. Not mine.

    Super deal 3799-3999 MAP
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    What size Supraphonic should I purchase?

    6.5 will never leave you wanting the 5. 5 will always make you feel you should have bought the 6.5.
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    Choose between 8 inch Tom or 14 floor

    14 8’s make nice toys like an 8” splash.
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    Ludwig Standard Kit

    Tom mount looks great thought it was a new set
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    Tama Starclassic (W/B) a good upgrade from a Pearl Decade?

    Anything starclassic is a plus over Pearl
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    Roger Hawkins RIP

    The muscle shoals documentary introduced me to this cat. What a drummer. Looked like an insurance salesman from Toledo, people could not believe he played on a lot of “mowtown” hit records until he sat down and played.
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    Duluth Cast 14x6.5 Snare.

    Oh that’s just pornographic
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    My DW Design piano black kit

    Right on, I do remember mine and yeah I had it bottomed out.
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    My DW Design piano black kit

    Looks proper. I despise how you can’t get toms mounted on bass drums standard anymore on a lot of the mid to high range sets. Curious why you didn’t go with the DW version that slides back and forth
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    Pawn Stars Ludwig

    I am a big fan of Steve Maxwell, great player and would love to visit the Chicago store.
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    Pawn Stars Ludwig

    Well, he may know what he’s looking at but the prices he is asking even if you cut them in half are ridiculously obscene.
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    Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

    I miss rmmp. 90’s message boards for the youngsters around here.
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    Pawn Stars Ludwig

    Yeah Donnyboy seems like a real wanker with the prices he asks.
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    Drums & coffee

    Yes, I was drinking like 3-4 coffee a day and switched to 1 coffee and water the rest of the day along with a Perrier. Much more awake