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    Round Over Bearing Edges

    Also depends on the diameter of the shells. Sonor is undersized and I believe the old 50-60s gretsch you have to hammer the new heads on they are so big.
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    15" Hi Hats Shootout - 10 Hats, 5 Manufacturers

    I agree 100%. Love new beats, but not in the 15 here. Like the sweets k 15.
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    Input on my new Yamaha DFP9C

    Hm, very disappointing from Yamaha. I hope they take care of you guys.
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    NeuSonic vs. Signet

    Love the signet but I would go for the neusonics
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    That notorious Ludwig Acrolite throw off let me down last night

    Yeah Ludwig should be ashamed of keeping that piece of shit on drums past the 80’s. I guess they have finally redesigned it a year or so ago. The p86 looks great and functions ok but again they put Phillips head tiny screws on that just strip out if you don’t tighten and loosen like a surgeon...
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    Is the Mapex Mars series a good set?

    Jump on it, 299 is a steal
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    Is the Mapex Mars series a good set?

    What was so bad about them? I have seen them set up but never played them. They looked plenty robust as far as hardware goes. Finish is subjective. Love the sonic clear edges
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    Would you? Potential trade

    Great deal. Those Tama mij scb are really holding their value. Cool set love the liquid metal finish. You could get 900 out of them
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    Ludwig classic maple 80's

    The one set of the over 20 I have bought and sold I would kill to have back. Piano black lacquer, 2-24x18, 8-18” and the 6.5 with the 12 lug super die cast rims. Super classics. Monsterous That being said I would not pay more than 700 for the set you are looking at.
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    Mapex armory? Or... what else?

    Great choice and the add on Toms are ridiculously cheap. We’re talking the 18 ft is only 200$, the 8 is 80$. I priced a black set with a 22, 5.5 snare, 8,10,12,13,14ft,16ft for 1100$
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    Mapex armory? Or... what else?

    Love sonor but the availability here in my area is non existent. I’m in Toledo Detroit area so I’m not in total Hicksville. Sure they are fine drums but the customer service end is shit
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    Mapex Armory 6p vs. PDP CM7? Please help

    I can say these armorys really impressed me when I sat down on a kit at gc. It was the blue green finish. While I am a piano black guy the finish was very impressive as was the hardware. The sonic clear edges are really cool too. Enjoy
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    Dream Bliss 22" ride - Did I get a good one?

    You can always put some gaffers tape to mellow it.
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    Dream Bliss 22" ride - Did I get a good one?

    Hey that’s a good one right there. Everyone needs a good washy dirty ride. No you’re not going to play metal with it. I’d definitely put that in my setup on the left side