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    What is your favorite drummer joke?

    Richard Christy is a phenomenal drummer. He works in the show and along with sal are the only funny ones left
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    What Recorded Snare Sound Do You Like?

    Always thought it was a super sensitive 6.5 like avh. Regardless cw has a great snare sound
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    Gretsch VS. Ludwig Shotout!

    The gretsch sound great when dialed in. Harder to tune with the die cast. Ludwig never sound bad. I honestly can’t choose, both lifetime drum sets
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    What Recorded Snare Sound Do You Like?

    Jamie Oldaker cocaine clapton
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    What Recorded Snare Sound Do You Like?

    I am partial to the snare on changes by yes 6.5 hammered bronze supra
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    What Recorded Snare Sound Do You Like?

    Bonham on 1, 2 and 4. The others way too high pitch. Moby dick #1 Van Halen, everything but diver down Neil Peart exit stage left. Best overall drum set sound ever
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    What Recorded Snare Sound Do You Like?

    Hm I love avh sound, 1984 is perfection to me. Diver down no, too high pitched
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    My snare likes cheap heads and snare wires

    Hm, I have never had a Ludwig snare sound good until I put strings on it. Makes all the difference
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    Which drums to choose?

    Good choice, every single armory or Saturn kit I have sat down and played at the gc have sounded incredible. I have owned everything from gretch to sonor designers to the Japanese TAMA star classic maple and Ludwig super classic and I can honestly say that the mapex more than hold their own.
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    Traded the Dubs for a Tama Star Walnut

    You will not be disappointed they are some of the finest production drums you can buy
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    Help needed please Pearl snare

    Damn that’s some radical cam and pedal angle, have to try the yellow cam with half the strap cut off on my eliminator.
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    Sensitone question

    After searching for 15 minutes I can’t find if the sensitone is rolled and welded or spun like Ludwig
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    Updated photo of my kit

    Is that the antithesis of “simple minds are easily amused”. Ha
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    Pick the better deal

    It is nice but it will show scratches if look at it too hard.
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    So I got a DW9000 single pedal

    Yeah I find a thin piece and glue and wrap where the pedal clamps