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    New (to me) Ludwig Classic Maple

    There are a few kits like USA customs and these you have here that are lifetime kits. If I had to choose one it would be the Ludwig classic maple
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    Demo of the Walnut Gretsch Bop Kit

    Jaw dropping grooves
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    My new dog

    Yes it was devastating. Why can’t they live longer?
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    My new dog

    Yeah he’s 6 months old today and 70#
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    My new dog

    Lol yeah he’s really cute in the picture but he can be an absolute jackaxx!
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    My new dog

    my guy Atticus is a 5.5 months old rottenweiler. Our first guy Caesar passed away last September at 14
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    Ludwig Rocker?

    Had one with my 1989 rocker modular double bass monster. Great snare Edit: I really miss that damn snare, it was a great rock drum!
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    Yamaha RC vs vs Sonor SQ1, yamaha stage custom vs AQ2 ?

    Tama hands down better but if you need a snare Sonor
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    Best manufacturers of drum sets?

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    Best manufacturers of drum sets?

    Absolutely My 14 hunnerd gubmit stimlus check is going with a raven black stage custom 22 18ft 16ft 14ft 13t 12t 10t 8t 5.5s (will be selling) Double Tom stand 1400 Best deal ever on a shell bank Will have to negotiate with the warden about the 24 and 20bd I’ll get a converter for the 18
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    Sabian 21” Limited Edition Dave Weckl Serenity Flat Ride

    That’s one of the best sounding rides I have ever heard.
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    It's All in the Wrists, Bonham Fans!

    Max Roach and Art Blakey absolutely as well
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    Do we have a Bot on here?

    Gretsch sonor Ludwig dw zildjian paiste sabians ufip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all must go!!!95%offviagra cialis qquualuuudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Love Yorkshire but I have to drive 1 hour to get it