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    Hello all, it's been a while!

    It's been a really nice experience coming back and reading through some old posts. I've been very light on the drums for the past few years, having kids will see to that! Be nice to see some regular names, and new ones too. Hope you're all well.
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    An idea for practicing to a click.

    Hi all, I don't drop by much any more but try to visit whenever I can. Hope you are all well. I have recently thought of an idea to help practising to a click. I think it has helped me to be able to groove off of the click rather than be a slave to it. What I do is set a song tempo for one...
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    Good London studios?

    Hi all, Long time since I posted, hope you are all well. The band are wanting to record 3 tracks to get ourselves a decent demo CD to give out at gigs/send to radio stations etc. We normally self record but want to splash out and get a proper, sweet recording. Ideally we would want to track...
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    Crack in cymbal = me devestated

    And I feel sick. At my last rehearsal on Sunday I noticed a very small crack on my 17" A Custom Projection crash. Its only about 3mm in size on the edge but when I saw it I was devastated. Honestly I felt a mixture of shame and embarrasment. I have always prided myself on treating my cymbals...