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    Can anything be mounted here? Maybe something Gibraltar makes?

    You can replace the post in the BD mount bracket with a cymbal holder of the same diameter, then mount your double tom mount to that.
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    A wake up call - literally!

    Glad you're ok, Andy! I get a bag of shelled peanuts and/or some cookies and a soda before each gig, in case I need it to keep busy on late drives. In a pinch, I'll call my wife and she'll talk to me until I'm close enough to home.
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    The Perfect Movie

    "It insists upon itself." 😁
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    Really bad TV or Movie fake bands

    Me too- 24 times since '89, and whoever I've seen 2nd most isn't even close.
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    Drum head thrift and guilt

    I probably don't change heads as often as I should on my gig kit- especially reso heads- but prior to recording, or a bigger or more important gig that usual, I'll refresh 'em if it's been a little while. That said, the toms on my rehearsal kit- '03 Pacific CX- still have the original stock...
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    Really bad TV or Movie fake bands

    Similar case in point: for the famous boom box scene in Say Anything, Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" wasn't playing on-set. It was "Party At Ground Zero" by Fishbone. And speaking of Fishbone, they took the piss out of this scenario on Soul Train:
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    Kit ID

    Could also be a backline kit of some already-gone custom company for a festival slot... Agreed, you'd think companies would be chasing him for an endorsement, since he's wild, charismatic, and literally up front in his band.
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    Kit ID

    I've seen those lugs before but I can't recall the brand. Looks a little like DrumCraft but I don't think that's it, unless those you pictured are a single-sided version of these: I don't think the pictured drums are Slings. Not many companies make the offset lug drums, and all the ones I've...
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    Were Spaun drums any good?

    For a while, Fishbone's longtime drummer John Steward played this beautiful green fade Spaun kit. This was taken in 2015, a year or two before Philip "Fish" Fisher's return to the band. I don't know how long John had them, but they sounded fantastic, and being that he toured all over the US with...
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    Pearl Jam - Go (Drum Cover)

    Ultimately, sound is king, i.e. with the listener's eyes closed, if it sounds good, job well done, and you sound great. That said- and I realize you didn't ask for technique critique- you move your arms quite a lot at the elbow. You'd have an easier time getting the same sound with more hand...
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    Drum cart?

    Has anyone tried the On-Stage version?
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    Switching Bass Drum Hoops: Depth

    A small depth difference shouldn't result in your tension rods either no longer reaching the logs, or bottoming out in them.
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    Recommendations for newish rock bands my band can cover

    Another version of a song covered in a different style- this time, by the original artist:
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    The Music Uniform

    I still kinda want one of these. :LOL:
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    Weighted drumsticks / BD beaters for practice

    I do have some thinner jazz sticks I use when necessary, also ProMark Hot Rods and Broomsticks, and the Vater... um, plastic kinda-rods, kinda-brushes with the wood handles, for quieter situations. I've simply found that the 808s and 707s suited nearly every musical situation I've ever been in. 🤷‍♂️