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    Old school rock bass drum setup.

    I am hoping some members were around back in the 60's and 70's who remember what the techniques were for the Minimally muffled bass drums that some of the rock guys were using, like Aynsley Dunbar, and Steve Smith on his Orange, and silver phonic kits. I know when he started with Journey, he had...
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    SonorMuseum Registering

    This Sucks. Almost 2 months since I registered with Sonor Museum, and still no Account activation. Funny thing is, It says if you have problems logging in, contact an Admin.....there is no way that I can see to contact an Administartor....unless you can log in, and contact him via the board. SMH.
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    New Band...Really new. Love Shack cover

    Hey Pepps! Here's my contribution to the covers. I was with this band for a week before this gig, which was a benifit. We threw a bunch of songs together, and rehearsed once before the show. And yes, My Bass Drum was slippin and slidin'! I THOUGHT my spurs were on the Carpet...I was wrong...
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    Hello from the Ca Central Valley!

    Hey all, Jim here, Living in Patterson, Ca., grew up in Richmond, Ca I have been lurking around for about 2 years, so I figure its time to post an intro. Started playing in 1988 at the age of 12. Lots of local, Famouse influences: Steve Smith, Denny Carmassi, Tony Williams, Prairie...