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    New Premier Heritage

    This is my new all birch Premier Heritage in WMP. Sizes are 18, 12, 14, with a 14 Broadway snare from the 50's. This kit is part of the Artist series so it isn't top of the line but not far off. They absolutely sing and look better in person! Please tell me what you think! Cheers Tom
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    Ludwig and wuhan s

    So here she is (if the photos work) along with new wuhans and vintage zildjian Sizes are 22 12 14 14 18 crash ride 20 ride 14 hats I love this kit, when its tuned it sings
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    Just picked up some wuhan s series. I got a 20" medium ride and some 14" thin hats on ebay for £60 (incluing shipping). My word they sound great! The hats are crisp and loud but controllable, the ride is a bit gongy and at first I couldnt get my head around it, but I changed the angle and didnt...
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    my ludwig

    [/IMG]Alright I'm new so showing your kit is a bit of an initiation! Before anyone says I am getting some new hats, but my mcs ride is really nice (must be a factory fault!). And the snare needs a new head and the tom needs an ambassador but I was using the 12 till a week ago so need to change...