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    Advice on shure mic set

    Hello, I've recently got my hands on a set of Shure mics, I am just wondering if some knowledgeable people could help me figure out the best use for each of them. From searching around a bit I have gleened some info but I'd like to see if any one has any experience with these mics. These are...
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    Teachers in London

    I'm looking to get into Jazz drumming properly, so I'm looking for a decent teacher to help me out. So does anybody know of a really good Jazz instructor in London that they would recommend? Either let me know here or send me a PM. Thanks!
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    Drum solos

    I'd like to get into soloing and phrasing in that sort of manner, so I'm wondering if anybody could recommend some intermediate level solo's that have a transcription? If there's a video of the original on youtube then that would be handy to.
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    Thinking of picking up the guitar

    I've been thinking about it for ages, how I only know rhythm and have only shallow knowledge of melody, so I'm thinking it's about time I actually picked up a melodic instrument. I'm thinking guitar so I could make my own tunes entirely, rather than having to explain my brain farts to other...
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    Quad bass pedaling

    I came across this t'other day on youtube... So he's using two dualist like pedals to achieve absolutely ridiculous speeds. But what is he doing exactly? Is it heel-toe style double strokes essentially? Or is he going toe-toe-heel-heel...
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    Piano sites and forums

    I just got my girlf a keyboard, mostly so she's got something to do whilst I practice on the drums! I was wondering if there are piano sites/forums like this one? Or does anybody know of some good lesson sites for the piano? I haven't managed to find any decent ones thus far, every instrument...
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    Some drumming

    Just a few simple grooves here, I was playing on a kit at a cheap ass studio, but the cymbals be mine...
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    Looking for songs with a specific type of beat

    Yah so I've been playing along to Sober by Tool for a while now, I really like the first beat that Danny does. It's the one where he leaves out the a on the hi-hat and opens the hat on the &, it gets repeated a few times during the song. So I'm looking for other songs that feature this sort of...
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    Drum platform to stop noise travelling through the floor

    Hey you lot. I've recently moved into a second floor flat and I'm now stuck with a wee noise problem, my downstairs neighbor can now hear my bass drum pedals through the floor. It's not ridiculously loud but I think I should do something about it. So I did a search on here, and there are posts...
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    Charlie Zeleny

    Ah this guy so deserves a thread on these forums! I love this guys style, his playing is complex, yet he plays with a lot of feel, anybody like him too? He's plays in a few progressive metal bands, such as behold...the arctopus and blotted science, both of which are awesome. Luckily he's got a...
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    Jojo mayer clinic videos

    Hey guys, I went to a JoJo mayer clinic in Essex a few weeks ago and managed to take a couple of choice vids... He puts on a great clinic, when I saw him he went through a brief history of the drums and...