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    The first song I thought of after listening to Coming Home was this.
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    What Artist did you worship, but no longer listen too?

    Trent Reznor I loved the first few NIN albums but as he went on his music became angst ridden whining to me. I'm 25+ years older now and can't handle listen to that emo baloney anymore.
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    Planning a Music Jam

    Open jam, cool! I host an open jam two or three times a year at my place. We set up in my big garage and play out to the people in the driveway. I tell all the guests to bring their loudest amps so they can wring them out a bit as I live out in the country and they can open things up without...
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    Planning a Music Jam

    Is it an open jam or are you playing with your band where you have a catalogue of songs you play on a regular basis?
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    Right handed 7 year old just learning, playing left handed

    When I was young, my Dad taught me to golf. I grabbed the club the first time left. Back then, clubs cost more for lefties than righties, that and my Dad swung right handed. So, I learned to swing clubs right though I shoot left in hockey and bat left in baseball. I can't hit the ball too far...
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    Ludwig Vistalites : Looking for opinions of experienced owners

    Another question for owners, how do Vistalights hold up in winter temperatures? I keep my drums out in the garage so my wife can keep her sanity. Does the plastic hold up well in say -20C type of temperatures? Will the shells crack or deform being that cold?
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    Favorite Drummers

    Ian Fenetry Benson Frazer Levi Ostell Grayson Clarkson Tristan Lee Abel Tyrell Brandon Woodward Luke Robertson Tobias Beaton Ayden Bagshaw
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    Does a great teacher have to be a great player?

    Teaching is being able to convey information in a way that the person retains it and also understands it. Teaching is a skill in itself and not everyone has the character or ability to be an effective teacher though they may be a virtuoso.
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    The Unwavering Drummer

    This one is close.
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    Sabian 22 ride choice.

    I have the 20" HHX Complex Ride, sounds great!
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    Noble & Cooley

    It matters who's sitting behind the kit. If it's me, they sound like "Meh" ;)
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    Black&White30,Roy Orbison

    Usually when you see something like that it's a tribute show. See A Concert for George for some pretty good stuff.
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    How you make your voice good

    I'm no singer but I do a much better job if I'm ONLY singing and not playing uke or drums at the same time. I have a much greater appreciation for those who both play and sing at the same time.