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    Drum Making

    Some drum building questions I've been wondering about. No plans on actually doing this, but I've always been curious to see if I could someday make my own set of drums. 1.) Seems like every custom company uses Keller shells. Are these good quality, or are they fairly generic since they seem...
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    Bass Drum to Floor Tom Conversion Kit

    I see a lot of those kits around where you can convert a floor tom to a small bass drum. Are there any kits out there that do the opposite? I'm thinking of converting a 20x18 bass into a large floor tom. I guess anything that converted a rack tom to a floor tom would possibly work for the...
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    Ghost Notes

    So..... what are they? I know that sounds stupid, but I'm self-taught & don't know the terminology. When I used to play in drumlines, 'ghost note' meant a stroke that was stopped just before the stick hit the drum; used as a visual effect and/or timing device. Anyway, I hear the term a lot on...
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    wierd bass pitch problem

    So I've got 2 bass drums, a 22x18 and a 24x18, identical everything else. I have them open at two different pitches.... sort of a tympani effect. Problem is, the 22 comes across as lower than the 24, both in recordings and live. Seems the same no matter how I tune/muffle/mic them. Any ideas...
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    6'' Toms

    Anybody know what companies make 6'' toms for drumsets? I've got a Mapex Pro-M kit, but unfortunately, Mapex doesn't make a 6'' drum and there are rumors of them discontinuing the Pro-M line completely. I saw a kit on this forum where a guy had made one out of the shot drum from a marching...