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    Cruise/Casino Audition

    Hello everybody. I haven't posted in a while, hope everything is well in DrummerWorld. There is an audition here in Phoenix next weekend for an entertainment company. I will basically be spending this next week attached to a metronome and reading charts...
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    Quick response appreciated. Question about cracked ride

    I have no experience with cracked cymbals. I just found these on ebay: Meinl Byzance Heavy Ride Traditional Cymbal 20" $134 Meinl Byzance Medium Ride...
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    Merry PROGmas Found this posted today at the Petrucci Forum. Awesome!
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    My new maple Sonor

    I've had it for about two months. Did some quick whacking around on it so you guys can check out the cool sparkles. Edit: Feel free to tell me what you think about my other videos. I know I'm very much an intermediate drummer and appreciate criticism...
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    The Bird

    I just filmed some of my singles, and is this supposed to look like I'm flipping everybody off? Looks weird. Video
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    Sonor Force 3007

    My Sonor Force 3007 came in the mail yesterday from Zzounds!! It looks amazing. I'm so happy... I think I'm going to send my car to Taiwan so they can apply the finish to my ride... and when I get a Wrangler I'm going to swap out the spare tire on the back for the bass drum. It's going to look...