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    Spots in Chicago?

    I'll be in Chicago this weekend, visiting the Natural History Museum, and I figured if I have some time to kill, I'd like to stop by some cool drum shops if I can find some. So, does anybody know of any cool drum shops/used music stores around Chicago that I should check out? Thanks, guys
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    Clip of some heel-toe practice, lots of fun

    I was practicing my heel-toe single pedal technique, and thought about how I've never really posted a video of my playing on here, so I took a quick clip on my phone. I do apologize for the poor sound quality, but it IS a phone recording, after all. Hope you guys enjoy! Be gentle...
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    Thoughts on Pearl's Demonator pedals?

    I haven't really seen this pedal very thoroughly discussed, and I really wonder why not. This, in my mind, seems to be the very best 'entry level' kick pedal I have ever encountered. I have been taking lessons for the better part of a year and a half at a local shop, and about 6 months ago...
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    Just got home from a gig and I'm just so bummed

    Sorry if this is the wrong place or if it seems in bad taste, but I just want to vent for a short moment. For starters, this week has been the worst I have experienced in a very long time, but the reasons for that I will not get into. I was excited that it was Friday, and that I had the whole...
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    "Jazzcore" take 2

    Some months ago, some friends and I wanted to start a band that played jazz as well as hardcore. When we started, we were just playing standards with a hardcore feel, and that was fun and all, but it didn't quite capture the feeling we were going for. We received a lot of constructive...
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    DW Mag strainer?

    I've decided that I want to mount a DW Mag strainer on my brass shell. It's 6.5" deep with a center bead. Is this possible if I mount it just below the bead? Does anybody know the dimensions? I believe it's a 1 3/8" spacing, but what are the dimensions from the top to bottom of the main...
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    Help me pick the right strainer?

    So I'm embarking on my first snare build. This is to be my ultimate snare drum. I'm modeling it after the Ludwig Black Beauty brass trim. I've already got about %60-%70 of the funds I need, and I've picked out all of my parts 6.5x14" black nickel over brass shell 10 brass tube lugs 20 brass...
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    Are we playing illegally?

    So here's the deal: I play in a band by the name of As You Were. We have been an active band since 2009. This morning, we were contacted by another band by the same name. They have been an active band since 2010, but they trademarked the name in 2012. We are very DIY, and almost always play...
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    Single Foot Double Bass Technique

    Normally I don't go the length of taking and posting video of myself, but I'm super stoked on this double stroke technique I've been working on for the past couple of days. It's essentially just to emulate double bass playing with a single pedal. Still a bit shaky on it, but I feel I've made a...
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    Head artwork - Fair price?

    On 4/16, I contacted a graphic designer, who also happens to be a local musician, about making a graphic for a custom printed bass drum head I plan to order. The band is called the Suites (in relation to hotel suites and such). It's a Ska band, but not your 'traditional Ska'. We have been...
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    Earasers Review

    This might get lengthy; sorry guys As some of you may have seen, I made a post some months ago regarding Earasers and a problem that I was having with them. The filter, which is attached to the 'removal' string, had pulled completely out of one of the plugs while I was trying to remove it. I...
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    Location, Location, Location

    Of course, we all know that our instruments will sound different depending on where they are. Some rooms just cater to our sound more than others, and there are a lot of factors that go into this, but I learned something today that I had not thought of before. I've been rearranging my practice...
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    I found this kind of funny - Brooks Wackerman

    I was watching Guitar Center Drum Off videos and stumbled upon a video of Tenacious D performing at the Drum Off with Brooks Wackerman. He's playing a beautiful DW Collectors(?) kit with Ks and A Customs. Everything looks pristine except for one thing. He seems to have created his own DW...
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    Cobra Coil?

    So a buddy of mine traded me his Iron Cobra Power Glide double pedal for my DW 9000 single pedal, because he doesn't play double bass and just wanted a good single pedal. It's kind of a trial period right now. If he decides he wants to keep the 9000, I'll offer him a little extra cash, as the...
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    Pretty Cool Old CB Kit

    So a friend of mine recently moved into my place. We just went and picked the rest of his stuff up last night. He had this old set of CB shells. I had seen them before and just dismissed them as crappy Pearl knockoffs. He was going to toss them out, but I convinced him to bring them along...